OGS stone 'clacks' are too sharp and painful to listen to

OGS uservoice post from another user.

The stone sounds here are very aggressive and hard on the ears, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about them. There is an old thread discussing this but it has been locked due to inactivity.

Maybe create a new softer click sound and offer it as an option? The current one sounds more like stone on stone than stone on wood.

It’s personal opinion though so what do you guys think? I linked another user’s uservoice post so you can vote on it if you like (though I am not a fan of the alternatives he posted).


I, for one, tilt a lot more easily when playing on OGS than I do on other servers. A major reason for this is the combination of playing blitz, combined with the agitating sound of the stones. Yes, I can always mute them, but it wouldn’t be Go if there are no stone sounds for each move.

It would be a great idea to make the stone sounds gentler on the ears. We play Go for the zen!


sound options definitely one of the most resilient unaddressed issues on ogs.


I totally agree! I think it’s a huge usability problem for people with sensitive ears. Even turning the volume down doesn’t help a lot, as you cannot disable the pitch.

I created a thread about it some time ago: Suggestion: Configurable stone effects but it didn’t get a lot of traction.

I even went through a simple exercise of filtering the high pitch from the stones out.

Standard https://www.chirbit.com/lemurek/playlist/a5a2d
Softened https://www.chirbit.com/lemurek/playlist/22dqN

What do you think?


I like the sound of stone 1A at https://www.chirbit.com/lemurek/playlist/a5a2d.

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I think it sounds great!

About the traction: in the world of open source, there is no quicker way to effect a change than to bring it to the project as a contribution.
Create a pull request on GitHub with your updated audio files and see for yourself :slight_smile:

I want to encourage you to learn how to do it yourself, if you don’t already know how. Unfortunately, it involves installing Git and creating a GitHub account, as well as a few steps of Git usage. Alternatively, you could ask one of the existing contributors to introduce the new files on your behalf.

Edit: isn’t lemurek, from the contributors, the same nick that you already used on chirbit? Then you’re all set, I guess :slight_smile: The only missing step is the pull request.


Argh! My secret identity is revealed


If the clicking annoys, players may want to use the same method I do to shut up that annoying countdown voice that has scared the crap out of me (shattering my concentration) way more times than I want to remember. Whenever I play a game I turn off my speakers. The countdown numbers on the stone are sufficient. I, personally, do not mind the clicks, and have found in face-to-face games that the sharpness of the sound is often a signifier of just how intense the game is. But it is a small price to pay to avoid getting startled.



Just for the record, the voice countown is optional. No need to turn your speakers off, you can disable it alltogether in the settings :wink:

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Forgive me, but I can’t help wondering how some of those oldtime senseis would have reacted to this issue. I’m sure they weren’t indifferent to the aesthetics of the game, yet I don’t think I would like to have been in the room at such a moment. I suspect that the disdain would have been all but palpable.

Still, sensitive ears are sensitive ears. It’s not like we have to turn this into boot camp. Vive la difference.


I remember sensitive ears…back in the '50s. It’s been a long time since I’ve had sensitive ears.



FTR I’d be happy to have some better / more / alternate sound samples, I personally don’t have the equipment to record these though. So contributions welcome!


What is especially annoying in the iPhone, ogs somehow managed to override the “mute” switch, so even if my iPhone is on mute, this loud Bang plays full blast, which gives me a near heartattack every time it happens…

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I don’t hear any difference.They are both too aggressive and unnatural to me.

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i agree, same with kgs, i couldn’t stand the sound and wanted to change them when i played there too. the only sound that i can stand is whatever tygem uses

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Just wanted to chime in that I also agree. It’s a harsh sound when my volume is up too much and I feel like I have to turn it down more than I should to have it at an acceptable level.

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