OGS Teaching Ladder—New and Refreshed!

The OGS Teaching Ladder is a chance for all OGS users to improve their Go skill by:

  • having stronger players review their games;
  • reviewing other players’ games.

If you want to have a game reviewed, all you need to do is post an OGS link to your game on the Notice Board. All commented games will be part of a shared document accessible to all users.

OGS users who wish to improve by annotating other players’ games can write their name next to a game they’d like to review and add an OGS link to the review when finished.


I think it is a great initiative to encourage more people to request and review games. I fully support that.

However, I wonder whether it is redundant with or could be better organized in conjunction with the forum category #teaching:reviews-requests. Using a publicly editable Google document or group chat room both have drawbacks and may be hard to manage and scale, whereas the forum already provides useful posting features. If consolidating some things into a single publicly editable location is desired, perhaps a wiki post on the forums could be used.


I think the wiki post here on the forum is a great idea to dramatically increase visibility


That’s a great idea. At the same time, I’m skeptical that directing users to a forum topic would promote usability or visibility. Since posting this announcement, only one user posted a new game to the Google document, and that user has never logged into the forum. So the visibility as a result of posting here has been very small—maybe zero.

As for usability, that involves getting inactive users to make an account on this forum. And it involves a another click or two. That has pros and cons I think.

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What happened to this? Is the Teaching Ladder alive or what?

Yes! Check out last month’s news post.