OGS Team League Second Stage Registration

OGS Team League Registration

This is the thread for second stage registration to the inaugural June OGS Team League.


The format will be a round robin. Each team will play every other team, and the team with the largest number of match victories will win the round.

The team members will play the players in the opposing teams who are on their Board. The team with the most game wins will win the team–team match.

The Boards descend from Board 1, the strongest, through progressively lower-ranked players on the lower boards. You must field your players in descending order of rank.

Game Length

Games are to be 30m + 5 x 30s, 19x19, with analysis disabled.


Handicap is to be given at one stone for every two ranks’ difference, with neither colour receiving komi.

No handicap to be given at only one rank’s difference. So, if there is no rank difference or a difference of only one rank, White is to receive komi.

Round Length

The round length will be two weeks. * Games may be played at any point during those two weeks.

( * It may be three weeks if we end up with six or more teams.)

Number of Players and Teams

Twelve players have already registered and have organised into four teams of three players.

The size and number of participating teams will depend on the number of registered players.

If less than twenty players are registered, we will play as teams of three.
If twenty or more players are registered, I will ask you to reform into teams of four.

Already Registered Players

The following teams have already been registered.

Again, if twenty or more players are registered then I will ask to rearrange into four-player teams.

Team Board Forum OGS OGS Rank
Terrific’s Team 1 terrific monodromy :united_nations: 5d
2 jiveo jiveo :finland: 6k
3 BattlePrez BattlePrez :us: 8k
Martin’s Team 1 Martin3141 martin3141 :austria: 4d
2 bswan bswan :uk: 5k
3 Jakobb Jakobb :canada: 8k
Drifterwolf’s Team 1 drifterwolf drifterwolf :us: 1k
2 bugcat bugcat :south_georgia_south_sandwich_islands: (TD) 3k
3 Arclaw Arclaw :us: 15k
Samraku’s Team 1 Samraku Samraku :us: 2k
2 jlt jlt :united_nations: 2k
3 Gia Gia :greece: 21k

Registration is closed.


Let me specify that it’s perfectly alright to join en masse as a single team.

A smart way to do that would be to designate three main players and a plus-one, in case we tip over into the four-player team format.


I missed the previous thread but I’d be down for it. I didn’t play much recently but that could be a source of motivation.


Could I have your OGS account and rank, please?

Sorry : qnpnpmqppnp

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9k :fr:, gotcha :D


I’d like to register the following team:

  1. Notbiased
  2. danjosely
  3. Cadspen

+1. Nibby (would take Board 1)


Welcome aboard!

Hi @bugcat I’m still wondering about some things:

  • Is there a ranking requirement after all (like in previous thread you mentioned dan/sdk/ddk, but in current teams I don’t see the same distribution). 8k vs 21k seems a bit too overwhelming tbh even with 9 stones
  • When to play each game is up to players to decide with their opponent?
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I am not bugcat, but here are my answers, bugcat will correct me if I am wrong:

  • No ranking requirement, but it’s probably better if your team is dan/sdk/ddk.
  • Yes each player should decide with their opponent since not everyone is in the same timezone (US, Europe, East Asia…).

That’s my understanding. I’d also add that this is the first round, and things might change in later rounds if there’s a degenerate case or something.

Is there a ranking requirement after all (like in previous thread you mentioned dan/sdk/ddk, but in current teams I don’t see the same distribution). 8k vs 21k seems a bit too overwhelming tbh even with 9 stones

A team including a dan, SDK, and DDK is desirable, but we don’t have an immensity of players.

We currently have only two DDKs in seventeen registered players, so there’s nothing to be done about the situation on the bottom board. The lowest-ranked players are already playing there.

I do feel that the BeginnerGo team is disproportionately strong (1d, 4k, 5k with 5d plus-one).

I will ping @danjosely and ask him whether that team could only field one dan in the four-player format, but I appreciate the difficulty he might have had in finding four players. I’m alright with their three-player team competing as-is (Cadspen is a bit strong for the bottom board, but I won’t quibble), but I’m not entirely happy with dans being on the second board in this round. I’m sure we can find a structure in which all dans can play on the first board.

For this first experimental round, we are trialling one handicap stone for every two ranks (rounding down), so an 8k would actually give six stones to a 21k. For denser discussion of the handicap system, which became too technical and syrupy in nature for my taste, and for other aspects of the format, please see the initial thread OGS team league proposal : that thread is very much a stratching post – uh, stratchboard – though. We’ve considered both handicap stones and reverse komi.

When to play each game is up to players to decide with their opponent?

Yes. There was some talk of suggested timeslots, but I think that just displaying the players with their chosen flags goes some way to indicating their time zone. I’m happy to delve back into the timeslot discussion but, again, in the first thread.

By the way, I am actually :uk:. I just like the name Sandwich Islands :south_georgia_south_sandwich_islands: ^^

To quote from Groin:

Nothing has to be perfect from the beginning, the team idea is nice I guess next will come maybe what identity have teams, it’s all prone to evolution.


We probably could find another +1 if it comes to that, I assumed it would be okay since there was a handicap system in place (and I also assumed that other teams might also try to find a ringer).


Well, for the moment let’s just wait and see.

@Chinitsu indicated that some Vietnamese players from discord were interested in registering, which is why I’m hesitant to comment too closely on rank balancing just yet.

(I haven’t heard back from him, though.)

On recruitment. I’m having a big problem recruiting ddk players (or near-ddk) currently.

Currently ppl who expressed they want to join on my side are 1d, 3k, 6k, 6k respectively. I don’t think it’d be fair for us to join with this team.

24h is a bit rushing for me. I’ll have a pretty important match tomorrow, so I’m having to focus on training while recruiting ppl.

If you could extend the time window 1 more day, I might be able to get 1 or 2 teams in. I’m terribly sorry T_T


We can extend another 24 hr if you’d like.

I’m also perfectly happy for you to enter a 1d, 3k, 6k, 6k team.

That is pretty in line with the current distribution.


This is a very quick change of mind and I sincerely apologize but I would like to withdraw.

I fear my professional workload might venture into unbearable territory soon, and I prefer to avoid entering into this event without being certain that I’ll be able to follow through.

Perhaps another time then, I still think the idea sounds fun.

Sorry again.


No problem! Thanks for being so thoughtful in informing us.

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Thanks, I’d like to register the following players:

AVAVT (1d)
ngothonghy (4k)
ThieuN. (6k)
Chienepu (6k)
ttttkan (7k)
DGF. EELT(13k)

We strongly prefer being able to play in the same teams. Though the actual distribution (who in which team) is not very important.

If you plan to switch to 4-players-team, I can fetch 2 more people to fill in. Likely will be people in the 7k~4k range though.

This recruiting make me realize people tend to get closer in rank when they play together. When I just joined the discord group, the ranking was a lot more spread out :sweat_smile:


We will now be (hopefully) reorienting to four-player teams.

I think this listing looks OK, but please correct me if there’s anything wrong.

Team Board Player Rank
Terrific’s Team 1 terrific :united_nations: 5d
(Team Commonwealth?) 2 bugcat :uk: 3k
(Team Twitch?) 3 bswan :uk: 5k
4 Jakobb :canada: 8k
Martin’s Team 1 Martin3141 :austria: 4d
2 jlt :united_nations: 2k
3 jiveo :finland: 6k
4 Gia :greece: 21k
Drifterwolf’s Team 1 drifterwolf :us: 1k
(Team USA?) 2 Samraku :us: 2k
3 BattlePrez :us: 8k
4 Arclaw :us: 15k
Team Beginner Go 1 Nibby :new_zealand: 5d
2 NotBiased :us: 1d
3 danjosely :uk: * 4k
4 Cadspen :us: 5k

* I don’t think Discourse has a Scottish flag.

Welcome also to our Vietnamese players! @Chinitsu
(Especially Mr. 999999 :D)

Could you arrange yourselves into two four-players teams of descending rank, please?
Then we can list you.

Registration closes in four hours, but there is leeway for late entries. However, apart from the extra Vietnamese players to fill out their teams, only full-team entries can now be made.

It looks like we’re going have six or more teams , in which case a round will be three weeks, not two.