OGS translation, Pootle and stuff

Hi there!

I just registered on Pootle to help translate OGS.
I don’t know where I am and what I should do. :grin:

I just added a few missing translations and then discovered that (most likely) they were unnecessary.

Is there any kind of team working?
How can I get in touch with other users that are contributing to (italian) translation?

I ask here because that could be useful to other people trying to do the same.

(@_Sofiam , are you there too?)

I’m planning to use this thread whenever I need help for using Pootle, so this could become a useful resource in the future.


It makes sense, but I couldn’t find “Il nero si sente” on Pootle.
Any advice on doing searches?

That’s good to know! :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping us improve :slight_smile: and sorry in advance, Pootle is a mess of an interface :smiley:

This (screenshot 1) is how to display statistics for your language. Note, however that as the logins are NOT universal with OGS, they might not match… I am attaching the statistics below too

I translated something (not much honestly) , but without coordinating with anyone. I saw what needed to be done and did it (also making messes, see The AI doesn't show the score estimation - #3 by _Sofiam :rofl:).
I’m willing to help if needed of course but I think almost everything if not everything is already translated

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Yes, I am afraid this is another of the oddities. For phrases that have not yet been translated we (or maybe Pootle itself I am not sure) try to provide machine translations. However you cannot “reverse” look it up by the machine translation and have to look for the English original text - “Black gets sente” in this case.

91,3% to be exact :smiley:


That’s useful for knowing active users in last month, but I noticed that the profile page says something about teams:

Any idea on how to find them or even make one?

I already did that.
Now I’m waiting… :grimacing:

None at all. :person_shrugging: I don’t think we are even using that feature of Pootle.

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What shall we do when the original english text is failed?

I just found this:

Last three entries have a different point of view (there’s “you” instead of “me”) but it makes no sense.
“Email me a notification when a user sends you a message” ???

The italian translation was the correct translation of the original, wich is failed.
I changed the italian translation to make it similar to the previous entries, but I think the original should be changed too.

Another problem.
I just can’t find this:



I think that if the original english text sucks, raise an issue in github is probably the “formally correct thing”.

An alternative is making a post in the forum “Feedback->Bug Report” topic saying “can someone fix up this broken text”.

The latter might be more effective - when something is really easy to fix, a github issue is a bit heavy-weight, and actually less likely to be seen quickly and fixed.

If you can suggest what the fix should be that’d be even more effective because

  1. If you are wrong, people will argue with your suggestion and tell us what is better

    • This point means that you don’t have to worry if your English isn’t strong: just posting something will prompt a correction quickly, you can be sure of it :slight_smile:
  2. It means the developer who can fix it doesn’t have to scratch their heads first about what to do, which makes it really easy to “just do it”

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I can’t find this either:

Thanks, I’ll do it immediately.

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Ah, those would be my fault.

Those are special (they come from a different place to normal text) … let me go see why they aren’t getting a translation.

Edit: they weren’t special, they were just an oversight :smiley:


So shall I just wait for them to appear on Pootle?

Could you do anything about the other missing text? (“Enable experimental interface changes”)

Since we’re chatting now, let me deal with those help flows and experimental interface (done), just wait for Pootle now.

The earlier ones do need a post, I don’t quite have my head around what the solution should be.

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Another question. :slight_smile:

Here is the game link modal

Those three strings are in the “to be translated” list on Pootle.
But the Italian modal has already a translation:

Which is broken! :smiley:
“Da muovere” means “to be moved”
“Per spostarsi” means “in order to move oneself”

But I can’t find “muovere” or “spostarsi” on Pootle.
They look as automatic translations. Are they?

Something similar happens with the “SGF paste modal”: according to Pootle it’s missing some translation, but on the site it’s translated. Badly. :grin:
“Pasta SGF” is hilarious because it means exactly “Pasta” SGF!!! :smiley:



I have your stones in spaghetti! :rofl:

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It appears that the auto-translator has a sense of humour :wink:

I think that if it says it needs a translation, then you should provide one, and your translation will replace the poor auto-translation.

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Yesterday I did that for the “pasta” string. It hasn’t changed yet, so I’ll wait some more.
The italian translation was empty, so this is a good test about your hypothesis.

If you don’t mind, I’ll continue harassing you with my questions. :innocent:
Any idea on this string? I couldn’t find it in the UI.


I’d like to have some context.
If it’s something I could find on github, please point that out for me. I’m not used with that site and my search could be long and unsuccessful. Any tip or help on that is highly appreciated.

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It seems to be (looking at the code) part of the “result” that you see after you invite someone to a tournament.

I’ve never done that though :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re correct.


There’s a lot of untranslated item for Joseki dictionary.
I guess i’ll translate them too, if our previous check turns out positive.

What about the “GuestUserintro”?
Where can I find that?

Dang the Italians have been slacking! Jk nice work updating these @Lys :smiley:

Those phrases are in settings under Help

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