[old thread, closed] OGS-Notify: Helper app for iOS


I am finally getting around to implement an iOS app that notifies you when you have a game waiting at OGS. The aim is to avoid time-outing on long running games.

Is anybody interested in testing the beta app?

Thanks for any feedback!


Absolutely, count me in. :slight_smile:

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Great news! I’m in.

For everybody interested in testing the notification app for iOS: Could you please send me a mail address that I can add to Apples Testflight program? (Does not have to be your Apple ID.)

You should receive a mail from Apple with a link to install Apples “Testflight” program. That allows you test the iOS app “OGS Notify”.
Just open it, authenticate once (no password is stored in the app) and you will be notified when its your turn.

With the new iOS 12 version being released in the next few days you can even configure the notification more comfortably. (As an example, I set the notification sound to silent as not to disturb my daily routines too much, but I still get the visual notification.)

It is rather simple app, but even they can be tricky to program. So I am very grateful for any bugs that you find!


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