One Color Go - Last move by Opponent

I find out that you can change the color of stone so that one color go is possible in OGS.
However, when I try this out today. I find it difficult to find out the last move made by opponent especially in mid-late game cause the normal indicator (white circle in black stone or vice versa) of the last made move is disappeared.

I tried changing the color of stone from white to black. But it dones’t seem to work. Unlike real life goban where hand movement helps to indicate the area of stone placing, it becomes a lot harder to read the game in a virtual board of one color go.

Is there any way to help with this?

Like a board of this, it could be hard to find out where the last move is.

An indicator would come in handy.

Make it Black?

It wouldn’t matter. The last move indicator assumes the color of the enemy stones: if they’re all made black (or what have you), it follows suit.

The feature had been requested before, by the way:

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Yeah, the feature is not designed for one-color go per se, it is sort of a workaround. Currently the only thing that might help with this is to pres left and then right arrow, to make the stone disappear and appear, which is usually a good visual clue on what changed.

Perhaps one day it will be implemented as a full on game-mode, but it will probably take a while to get there still :slight_smile:


How about picking a color that is neither black nor white?

The indicator would have the same color.


I think the indicator is set to use your opponents colour, which works well for everything except one colour go

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One solution would be to choose either black or white as the last move indicator colour depending on the perceptive luminance of the stone colour. A quick search found this simple algorithm.

That’s one good way to help.
I never know I could see the previous moves sequence during the game LOL.

If you allow me, I find it ironic that you choose to play one color go but are so concerned about identifying the last move :slight_smile:


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