Open call for forum game, come and meet us

Starts in half an hour…

Time is not so important, the day phase will take 48 hours anyways. Most important is that the game master (Haze) is available at that time on each day to progress the day into night and vice versa.


Perhaps you’re confusing this with the chat. I only look at the forum every so often, reply a bunch, and then leave for way shorter than is healthy for me a while.


3 minutes…

And start!

Are you timing me now? Sorry I am a few minutes behind. I could abruptly start the game, but that would feel random because I don’t have everything set up yet.
I typically have dinner in my house around 7-7:30. Basically the start time and my set up time conflicted a bunch.

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Ok everyone, and especially @ginger2008 who has been timing me, we have started, although abruptly and mainly without a story. I will make sure to add one in, and send the role PMs shortly. Roles probably come first(I haven’t even assigned any roles to anyone yet), and I will put the rules from the old game with the robot theme in, although I will change it to a ghost theme when I finish the story.

Link to the game:

Ok :relaxed:

Role PMs are officially sent out. I didn’t list any specific information to the person’s role, but I will do that at some point.

Firsts time doing that

Why in the world does the game need to start immediately? This is a correspondence game that takes weeks to finish.

@ginger2008, do you not understand what’s going on with how this game works? Or are you just trolling?

What do you mean by “season eight”? I think you might be getting confused about a separate thing that is being discussed on these forums, which is an external werewolf championship that is being run elsewhere, and which has nothing to do with the game that we are trying to run within these forums.

I think we should take a pause to make sure that everyone understands what we are doing here.


@yebellz :pray:t6: thanks

I am very sorry if I caused any inconvenience. I understand how it works now as i only played this in real life . :disappointed_relieved:

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Welp, in the current lockdown situation for so many, I guess forum timing can very well be real life timing, I mean a group of people locked together, where will they go anyway. :sweat_smile:


Also, please try to stay on-topic when threads have a specific purpose. Having some fun is OK, spamming with irrelevant messages might be annoying to the people trying to follow the thread.


@Gia Actually it is still about werewolf but I agree it is a bit off topic
Won’t do that again

@李建澔2, you failed at making a poll again. There is a built-in function to the forums for building polls.

However, I don’t see what you are trying to accomplish with these polls, and I’m not sure if you are really interested in playing or really understand what you are signing up for. If you have any specific questions about the game or how this is being run, please ask us.

I’m concerned about the seriousness of the organization and some of the participants for a potential fourth game.

Please consider my participation only conditioned on whether these issues can be sorted out.


@yebellz I don’t know how to play
I will probably not attempt to make a poll again because I failed two times
Deleted the poll because there is no point of letting the poll stay here

Are you actually interested in playing?

To understand what we are doing here, please see this original game proposal thread:

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@yebellz I have played a game similar to that before at school, thanks for the link and now I understand