Open Study Room live 9 x 9 tournament


We have a live 9 x 9 extended tournament in the works. “Extended” meaning that it won’t be just one day, it will be played out over several weeks with matches coordinated between opponents. We will encourage players to review their games. If you would like to participate please register interest in the #tournament channel of the OSR Discord - invite follows. It will start as soon as possible, when we have a reasonable number of people willing to play.


Interesting, but you should atn least provide time settings and maybe current player list.


This is what I’ve been waiting for. Not all that “rewarding activity” stuff. If you’re weak, you lose.

Time to learn how to play 9x9.


You’re one step ahead of me. We need to choose a server first. It’ll be GoQuest or OGS and we will vote to decide that. If it is on GoQuest it’ll be standard time settings of 3 mins + 2 secs / move. If it will be on OGS it’ll be somewhat more relaxed, maybe 3 mins + 3*10 byo-yomi. I’m open to suggestions and recommendations.


Who would want to organize a tournament on GoQuest? OGS has all the stuff. Especially tournament amenities.


GoQuest has simplicity, which OGS does not have. It does not have a score estimator, which for me is a plus. It also has many more 9 x 9 players including some pros.


What’s not simple about OGS? :frowning: GQ has an SE? Never seenit. But it shouldn’t be relevant either because people good enough to win at 9x9 won’t care about what SE says.

Also no pro is gonna participate in the tourney. Hai? :slight_smile:


I said GoQuest does not have a score estimator. I don’t have pretentions to have pros in tournament, my point was GoQuest is a good and popular server for 9 x 9.
OGS has too much functionality and options in my opinion. I have a separate post about why it should be possible to disable the score estimator when analysis is disabled, and a proposal in Users’ Voice, but that initiative has not prospered.
I’m interested in the OGS tournament amenities, though. How do live tournaments work on OGS? I would like to avoid everyone having to be there at the same time.


One would assume if people are going to go through pains of coordinating their timezones to get a game going once a week, the game should be longer than 10 minutes at least. Otherwise people will literally spend more time on coordinating than on the game. Maybe make it 10 blitz games a match?


Ah I see. Well SE is useless, even after the improvement. If someone beats someone else, it’s definitely not going to be because of SE.

It’s not possible to have a lagged live tournament, but if you trust that people aren’t gonna screw everyone over on purpose, you can just set the time to correspondence - though you can’t enforce fast timesettings after that. If you do enforce strict timesettings, you must have everyone present for each round (plus minus 5 minutes).


good point and good suggestion.


thanks for clarifying that


I don’t see the SE playing any sort of a functional part in a game with 2" or even 10" byo-yomi. But maybe I’m just too old to move my mouse around that quickly and then think about what I see before time runs out … :scream:


You can run SE in another windows… Well there are so many cheats (just using a bot for ex.) That you’d better trust the players in their civil attitude and forget trying to put some encoded walls around these.


8 seconds per move :fearful:

Will this be a blitz tournament?


3-minute + 1-sec increment (2-sec increment in friends match mode) for 9x9.
From the GoQuest site
Sure I need internet up-to-date connection and practice before that. It’s no more blitz it’s instinct go


I agree. That is one of the benefits of tight time-settings.


@flovo 3 mins + 2 secs / move is considered blitz on OGS but this is 9 x 9. It is tight but there is some time to think, it won’t be mindless speed-playing.


I’ve played a ko from midgame to endgame against (ostensibly) Fernando Aguilar 7d with ~1s left on the clock (playing faster than 1 second gains you a second). It can be done (I won, wooo). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


An update. This tournament will start on November 19th. This will give us time to get more participants and to prepare properly. At present we have 11 participants and it would be great if more people could join us. Registration will close at the end of November 16th. The number of groups etc. will depend on the number of participants we have on November 17th. The tournament final will be a best of 3 matches.

Time settings will be Fischer, 3 mins main time plus 2 seconds per move with a maximum of 3 mins. Komi of 7 for white. Replay in the event of jigo.

We suggest playing and reviewing several warm-up games before each tournament game, and agreeing with your opponent which one will count for the tournament before you play it.

Games can be played on OGS or GoQuest as people prefer. Participants will be required to submit the SGF file for each tournament game to the tournament organiser.

The #tournament channel on the Open Study Room Discord will be used for tournament communications once it is underway. We request that people who wish to participate register interest there:

The tournament will be hosted by Open Study Room and participants will need to open an account on if they don’t already have one. Open Study Room has tools for tournaments and a calendar system that will hopefully make it easier for opponents to agree when to play. There will be a calendar for the tournament and people will be encouraged to spectate, kibitz, and help review games. We encourage the use of for reviewing games. That is all for now, comments welcome.