Open Study Room on OGS


The Open Study Room will soon support OGS API and I wanted to introduce ourselves and see if there is an interest for that in OGS community.

  • Is there players interest to take part in it?

  • Can we find some active OSR members to help us animate the thing?

  • Can we find go teachers to teach in here ?

For those who don’t know, the Open Study Room is a community of go players who plays long serious games in leagues, study together, set up lectures.

It’s all free, community driven, run by vounteers and the code of our website is Free software.

It’s quite recent (started in last February) but growing fast.

For some reasons, I started this on KGS: I knew players and teachers there and I was familiar with KGS archives system. Since the very start, some users are requesting for us to support OGS and I am working on that at the moment. I expect to finish in about a month. That means OSR users will be able to play their leagues game either on KGS or OGS. Their choice.

I think we are going to have leagues with all players in it and games played on both servers. We could also have dedicated OGS leagues if that’s wanted.

I know the Nova league was doing great job in that area but I fear it stopped. If there are plans for this to restart, maybe we can work together?

So my post here is to introduce OSR to the OGS community and see if there is an interest for such in there: Would you guys like that? Would you play in it?

We are a small team running OSR and it’s taking quite some time to animate our discord, KGS room, OSR website. So I was wondering if some friendly motivate player would like to give us a hand to animate the OGS part of OSR. Won’t be much work since we work as a team, but extra manpower would be appreciated.

Also, teaching is a big part of such projects. Can we find strong teachers to teach in here and maybe organise lectures, game commentary or such ?

Allright guys, feel free to tell me what you think about all that.


In what TZ are you or are the teaching games mostly correspondence games?

I signed up with OSR few months ago, but I still haven’t figured how to go about taking part. Also, I spend more time in OGS than KGS.

I hope this pushes through. Good luck!

We have players from many timezones. Mostly Europeen and US. I built a tool to schedule games with timezone managment. See here if you get curious.

Our teaching games are real time games.

Thanks for the good vibes.

If something is not clear on how to take part, feel free to ask here, in our discord, in kgs, or in our forums.

We are aware the website would need better documentation. Having feedback is what helps the most to understand what’s unclear. And well there are always stuff to do ^^

Sounds great. Id definately be interested :slight_smile:. Thanks a lot for letting us know!

Is this project a successor to the ASR-league, or is that still going as well (in case you know)?

Sure thing! Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

While the OSR was created after some strong concerns regarding ASR new team managment decisions, I can’t say it’s a successor since ASR is still running.

I don’t want to harm ASR which I have been running for 1,5 year in the past so I let you guys compare the two projects right now if you are curious.

What does a “long serious game” mean?

Let’s expect long to mean “not blitz”. Serious probably also means “not blitz”, so the time controls will allow you to think.

More likely, serious probably entails that the games are part of a league. Players are expected to not ask for take-backs, to try their best to win and generally not treat the thing as a joke.

(I’m not involved in this. I’m speculating.)

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Yeah - I was confused by the fact that it is “live” yet “long”. To me, correspondence is “long” :slight_smile:

Its usually something like 30 minutes main time

As @Farraway says: It’s 30 main time at least.
The idea is for players to take their game seriously and give their very best. We believe that long (>30 min) serious games with review at the end is a very good way to improve one player skills.

While the game remains very friendly (take backs for obvious missclicks are allowed and we sometimes give extra time when needed) the league thrill can be quite motivated.

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Had no idea this existed. I’ll check it out.


I’ll sign up instantly once playing on OGS is supported. The teaching material you guys have on YT is great.

All right guys, I just updated the server and OGS should be supported !

I need testing datas now. Lets play OSR games on OGS!


Hey, @Adam3141 created a group here for us !


I don’t see what features OSR actually offers that are not already available in OGS (the OSR website requires too much study to make much sense). If you want many players in OGS to join OSR, you really need to list these features and explain how they work, IMO.

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Hello David,
the idea behind OSR isn’t to replace OGS, but rather use the tools OGS already offers to their full potential.
Our goal is to unite active players who are willing to share their love and knowledge into a community that would support its members to learn and grow fast in the world of go.

You are quite right, the website is still a WIP and requires a lot of improvements, but we feel we already have enough to offer, to be able to ask our members to excuse some of the temporary clumsiness.

At the moment I think the best place for OGS players to learn what we can offer is listed in our OGS group
To name the most intriguing:

  • We have a professional player who answers our questions on a monthly basis, and several high dan level players to review games and provide teching games for others.
  • We are creating focused lectures on the most desired topics with the kind help of aforementioned players
  • We provide serious, yet friendly games in our league that are designed to test your skill against other strong players from OGS as well as other servers and are encouraged to get reviewed afterwards

Hello @Adam3141

Getting on OGS is a really nice step for OSR. However, I feel that this should be accompanied by taking into account correspondance games.

I take my example: I spend A LOT of time on OGS, playing correspondance games. But due to my work and personal life, some live games on the fly are possible, but not planning a set number of games/month in advance. And that actually prevents me from entering an OSR league.

Maybe an hybrid format, like Fisher 2 days max, +12h/move ?

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hello @Wayem

That is a good idea, thanks !

Actually, you are not the first to ask about correspondance games at OSR. I must confess we didn’t thought about that so far since we wasn’t playing on a server that support correspondance games.

OSR is, before all, a community. The website is a tool. So if you guys want correspondance games, I will implement it for sure. When? That is another question since I already have quite some work to make things clearer after the big OGS update.

Anyway, mostly want to say we work as a community. Feel free to join even if you can’t play in the leagues yet. You can then submit such ideas in our forum, ask for reviews, vote for lectures topics and so on.