Opponent flooded the chat to win by timeout

In my last ranked game https://online-go.com/game/8885641 my opponent flooded the chat with characters and my browser window froze and I lost by timeout. This seems like a big design flaw/bug. Surely moderators can remedy the situation but it makes no sense to manually fix these kind of situations when they come up. Some sort of maximum character limit is needed in the chat input.

Edit: Browser is latest Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)


If someone has a mind to flood, a limit to stop it would have to be quite sophisticated. A limit on the characters in a single input line would not be enough.

Just report it, they get banned, and move on… IMHO :slight_smile:

FYI, just visiting the link freezes mobile Safari. At least long enough for me to get impatient and force quit it. I.e. 2 seconds.

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On my Desktop it froze my web browser.

Definitely, this must be addressed, it’s not so harmful and I guess it doesn’t happen every two mornings but still…
I had to kill my browser and it might use mobile data also for those using mobile data…
It’s nothing that sophisticated, I suggest:

  • limit per line the N occurences of the same character with a very high limit if it’s not already the case. None needs to send 50 ‘A’ for example. it’s non-sense and not funny.
  • limit per minute per user the number of lines he can send to a very high limit if it’s not already the case. We don’t want to bother talkative people or laggy users so something like 100 lines per user per minute.

The first limit should be client-side and the second one should be server-side since time-based.



Well, if your desktop browser can’t deal with this and you have to force kill it, it might be time to change browsers :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise I completely agree. I agree so much I am going to be so bold to summon @anoek for this one :slight_smile: (sorry for bothering), but if this spreads among sore losers it’s gonna be annoying as hell.


Bump. This really should be addressed though I find it pretty ingenuous albeit distasteful to use this way to win.

I just filed this github issue: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/296



it’s not his first time doing that

Do you know who this person is? I couldn’t even get his username as my browser just froze that page.

Please report it, so that the banhammer fells them accordingly.


the player is gosam

He also did it in this game: https://online-go.com/game/8880760. There you can see the flood of the chat box.

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But this time he did it on himself and lost :stuck_out_tongue:


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Yes, I noticed that—a little cosmic justice.


Interesting. He flooded with Korean text.

Do you know that it means? I cannot find a translation.


“Please chat ban me. Please chat ban me…”



My laptop with 16GB ram did the same.

Just stumbled across this old thread and I see that the github issue was filed and closed with @anoek noting that the bug has been fixed.

However, when I visit the game that originally started thread

My browser still hangs up (at least that tab does, until it asks if I want to kill the script that is slowing things down). Maybe there is still some lingering issue that needs to be addressed?

I downloaded the sgf and it’s 300kb in size. My text editor tells me it’s 100’000 characters and it contains lines that are longer than 4096, so even the editor throws an error.

If parsing is done with readLine,… this might be the reason.