Opponent pauses, and resigns, but only after timeout ends

Really a turn-off. You want to have some fun and play a live game and the opponent gets butt-hurt when he/she realizes that theyre gonna lose several stones. Super ridiculous. One would think they could accept a defeat, I mean, you might win a game tomorrow?

So, a question on the pausing system, why is their no “Resume” button visible when this happens?

It’s unfortunate and poor etiquette when players abuses timeouts/pauses to waste the time of their opponents.

That’s an odd observation. There should be a resume button available to both players in order to end a pause. If not, maybe there is a bug? If it happens to you again, try to take a screenshot and call a moderator for help.

In general, if a player is wasting time or otherwise griefing, you could always try to call a moderator for help.


I have absolutely never seen a resume button. Will try to get my opponent to pause me.

Ok, tested it now, and everything works, but what happened was that a timeout counter appears on the opponents infobox, top right, which counts down for 3 or 4 minutes, and at the end they resign. It must be an automatic resignation because it happens on the second they timeout ends.

Did they close the window perhaps?

Do you see a lightning bolt icon in their time box? If so, then they have disconnected from the game (perhaps due to a poor connection or perhaps by intentionally leaving). The timer is there to cause the player to always timeout within 5 minutes even if there is more time left on their clock (they timeout even sooner if they had less than 5 minutes on their clock).

Here are some other threads discussing this feature.

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… and, if someone leaves your live game without finishing it properly, leaving you hanging waiting, please feel free to report them.

This is actively discouraged.



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Feels a bit like grassing. :wink:

It happened a couple of times to me. Usually I block them from accepting my future games. Alltough this is a bit awkward to accomplish because one cannot click on their name directly because the field with the name stays grey after they timeout. So it’s a couple of steps:
click on “Home” ->
click on “Yourownname” ->
scroll down to the last game ->
click on “Opponent’sname” ->
click on “Block” ->
tick box with “Block user from accepting my open games”

But I can see that my solution doesn’t solve the problem for the community as a whole.


Maybe it’s like grassing, I guess that depends on your culture somewhat, among other things.

But you could also think of it as asking for help for them :wink:

Sometimes this kind of thing is a revelation to people - they simply didn’t realise or know. Especially newbies.

So then they get someone hopefully politely explaining it to them. So that’s helping the person.

And in the case where it turns out they know and don’t care, it becomes obvious after a few reports and it gets dealt with. That’s the helping the community bit.

Blocking is perfectly fine too though - not everyone is into the whole “help the community thing” anyhow.

But for sheer ease… reporting is one click :wink:



If you just click game info from the in game menu, you can click their name in the pop-up box :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten great replies now. It’s clear that a user will disconnect when faced with losing a group etc, and they will be actively reported. Thank you for the information. /Adam

Sometimes they honestly disconnected and will make it back after a minute or two… But yes, unfortunately some people just close the window and start a new game. As GreenAsJade said, if you just report it the mods can follow up with the player and do all the investigation for you :slight_smile:

I’ll try to keep it anonymous, but, its pretty clear that the other player threw a tantrum when faced with loss. Oh well.

I’ve reported the same person to moderators twice now for doing this. How many times before they get suspended or something?

Generally three strikes and you’re out.

Often there are mitigating circumstances you might not be aware of.

OTOH, if you think we’ve overlooked a repeat offender, you are most welcome to re-report, to check if we missed it or point out more information.

It’d just be a good idea to do that politely. “Why haven’t you idiot moderators banned this person yet?” is not the most effective report.



Nothing beats “bring down the hammer upon this ruffian, Eugene!”


Shhh, don’t tell them, or they’ll all be using that! :crazy_face:

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I agree, why should Eugne get all the hammering? :wink:

Just for the record, it’s not a hammer, it’s an axe.

He just happened to be online the first time I needed the axe hammer to be brought forth upon a malefactor. And now that he knows me, I can dispense with my “only the paranoid survive” introduction when I have an unusual moderation request. :]