Options for hiding ranks in OGS

Here is a Firefox Add-On that hides all ranks and ratings on OGS. It also hides the rating graphs and charts on profile pages, but you can unhide them by clicking on the spot where they should be. Some players might find it relaxing to not know their opponent’s and their own rank at all times.

There were already two older threads with this feature request and some pointers on how to do it, so I decided to just implement it. I hope that some of you find this useful.

By the way, the code is open source if anyone wants to port it to another browser.


How did you manage that? I tried to hide it with css before but it is in the same element as the name so I assume you’d have to fiddle around quite a bit and actually change the content of every name element. I didn’t find a link to the code, could you give it here?


This appears to be a link to the code:


Yes, the boards on the Home and Games tab have the rank in the same element as the player name and are added asynchronously. I find those by looking for span.player-name in a mutation observer and remove them with a regular expression: replace(/\[.*\]$/, "").

yebellz already posted the link to GitHub. All the interesting code is in hide_ogs_ranks.js.


Welcome to the community @Mandelbrot !!!
Firstly, epic name :wink:
Secondly, what an absolute bang of an entry here! Thanks for your contribution :heart:


Right as expected, I saw that now. I installed it and it seems to work just as advertised. Good idea to hide the rank graph and ratings as well, this way we can check out the game history and stuff without seeing the rank if we don’t want to, and we just need to click if we do. It always felt weird to see everyone with their rank basically tattooed on their forehead. Thanks for the good work!


As someone who suffers from rank anxiety, this may help me to actually play more games :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for making this!


How difficult would it be to use this as a Chrome extension? I don’t know much (anything) about browser extensions

The real question is… how difficult would it be to add it as an internal OGS setting :wink:


Good point! This would be a great feature to add


If I had to hazard a guess I would think that this should be rather easy. The real question is whether or not the devs have better things to do. Is any of OGS open source by the way?

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The front end is open source.


Go ahead and submit a PR then :smiley: we’re always very welcoming to people dipping their toes into contributing to the development of the front end, which as RubyMinesahft said is open source :slight_smile:

Check out the contributing guide here :smiley:


I had an illusion, need some sleep.

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We’ve all been there :joy: do have a look into it tomorrow though :wink:

This is epic! I will personally be using this a great deal. Ranks mess with my head sometimes and I wish they didn’t. What a wonderful opportunity you have presented us with. This is going to make a great deal of people very happy. Well done!! :star_struck:


So far I have hidden ranks and ratings everywhere I found them based on the “dynamic-title” preference (which is not the correct one obviously but there isn’t one so far and I don’t think I can add it since it should be on the backend). I also hid the rank graph and ratings table but unlike Mandlebrot so far you can’t just click it to show it again (you can always go to the preferences but it is tedious). It’s probably not done correctly also since I don’t know React. I can’t seem to be able to upload a patch here though, and I would rather not make a github account just for that, so not sure what to do now.

It’s definitely a frontend property and should therefore be per device stored in browser local storage.


I didn’t expect preferences to be per device. I’ve added an appropriate one.

Thank you for all your nice feedback.

I didn’t know that the OGS frontend is on GitHub. It makes a lot more sense to implement rank hiding in there.

@Verbic Thank you for implementing this feature. Let me know if I can help you.