Pandanet Stop and Report

Hi… I’ve had to stop and report a couple of games after my opponent refused to click scoring done.

The first time it happened I clicked stop and report, then at the prompt, archived the game.

I read somewhere after that that if you archive a game, it cannot be changed by the mods.

So this time it happened, opponent refused to click scoring done. After about 20 minutes I clicked stop and report, and this time, I clicked delete instead of archive, as that’s the only two options.

I was playing on the Pandanet Go App fwiw. (Edited: I originally mistakenly said I was playing on the Surround App)

I have never received an email from anyone notifying me of the result.

How does this usually go down?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me on this process.


Are you talking about pandanet (IGS) or OGS?

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Wait yeah I’m confused about this too. Does Surround support Pandanet??

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You’re right!

I wasn’t on Surround… I was on the Pandanet Go App!

My bad! Edited original post. Thank you.

Good to know.
I hope you get some answer from here or IGS.

What does the “net social” say? Anything about this game?

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Nothing on net social and no messages.

I had to deal with an opponent who refused to end a game on IGS too. Twice, same player. However, I played on my laptop (not my phone/app) where games open in ‘tabs’ if you know what I mean and I either left the games open or wasn’t able to close them, I can’t recall at the moment. I reported both games and afer a couple of days moderators resolved the issue. On “Net Social Plaza” both games are marked (in red) in game-history. The second time I wrote a complaint because it concerned the same player. I never recieved a reply. Nevertheless, appropiate action was taken.


Hey :slight_smile:

I‘ve moved this thread to the appropriate sub-forum (Pandanet = IGS).

Second, I don’t know whether it may help, but having a link here to the Pandanet “Contact” page might be a good thing:


Pandanet-IGS Server

Use the Pandanet contact form

Pandanet-IGS Client Software


Send an email to the webmaster

Other Pandanet Services

Pandanet contact form

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