Pass and resign

I’m not really sure when I should pass and when I should resign (both to play the game correctly and be respectful of my opponent, regardless of rank).

Could someone please clarify?

Resign if you know you’ve lost.

Go to scoring if you don’t.


What do you mean “go to scoring”?

After both players pass consecutively you then score the game.

Oh, I thought pass meant something like “I can’t find anything else to do on the board”.

When you know you lost, only reasonable response is to resign?

you are correct also. when you don’t see anything else to do, you pass to signal your williness to end the game. Passes from both players start the scoring process. Of course, your opponent can disagree and play on.


Above is a link of discussion on resign.

In general, when one is behind and does not see a reasonable path to catch up factoring in opponent’s strength, one should resign as a courtesy to respect opponent’s time and strength.


There is (always) some debate about how strong that ‘should’ is. There is total consensus though that passing before all borders are closed is always a bad idea

Yes. Well, I would argue that you can play on if you wish. Others would say that’s impolite. But DO NOT PASS (unless the game is really over and scoring can begin)… :slight_smile:


Until one reaches a certain familiarity with the game (say around 15k?), I think it is completely okay to play the games until the end and in fact recall a pro player suggesting exactly that. That said do not be abusive about it and try to keep your opponent in mind as well. The game should remain fun for both if possible. Usually this can be resolved with two lines of dialogue like:

  • I see I am probably behind, but would like to finish the game if you do not mind.
  • Sure, no problem

It’s just a game :slight_smile: do not obsess too much about it.