People who will not accept loss

I don’t know about you guys, but I find it really annoying when you are sure of winning and both of you pass, but your opponent just won’t accept the removed stones. -.-

Call a mod. End of story.


The fact that you need to, kind of shows that your opponent has completely missed the point of playing.


What @hiryuu says.

“Only move”: right sidebar —>


The alphaGo bump brought in a flood of people. Some of them are knuckleheads who would be happier playing something easier.

I think we have a lot more earnest new players. I also think that the farther we get away from March, the more players they gave it their best shot but they don’t have it in them to study so they quit… That will be the biggest exodus.

The most important thing we can do is give their newbies who are trying the best possible experience and weed out the knuckleheads with the moderators.


Yeah, I would try that the next time. Never actually clicked on that button for a stubborn opponent.

As well as Hikaru No Go. Thank you, that’s a great suggestion. I don’t like to call the moderator unless I really have had enough. :slight_smile:

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Here’s what I did once when I got an opponent like that:

At first, we kept playing. I did not capture their stones, however, because that would give them more moves to play. My goal was instead to deprive them of all valid moves on the board.

They soon passed again and we went to scoring. As before, they would not accept all their groups marked dead. Note that if you just don’t click “accept”, you will auto-resign after a timeout.

The only way for the griefer to win is if they can annoy you into doing that. i.e. the opponent will mark some of their dead stones alive and “accept”, which you don’t agree to. Then they’ll wait for the time to run out and win the game.

My opponent in this case messed up. They marked some large groups alive and accepted. I also accepted and still won on points. No moderator necessary.

I hope this can cheer you up and maybe give you something to try yourself next time :slight_smile:


Well … I understand your stance here, but … nevertheless I think what you taught your opponent here is that they still can succeed with crooked tricks (they will probably just blame bad luck for this lost game) — I for one am strictly against accepting falsity and teaching wrong things.


It was not a teaching game, especially at that point. It was about my opponent being an asshole, and me trying to deny this person the satisfaction that they were after.


@Animiral, as said: I do understand your position here, and I empathize, and I also know it was “not a teaching game”.

But then again, don’t we all “teach” each other all the time? Willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly? By keeping safe borders — or not doing so? By allowing or prohibiting? By fighting or by giving in? That’s what I meant.

And in such a case I’d want to other person to learn something:

  • not just that they might lose a game once in a while if they try to fool the opponent …
  • … but rather that they will be watched, and …
  • that they will be stopped from playing here if they continue to misbehave.

Cordially, Tom


… and then there may those who really, honestly, don’t understand.

If I were emperor, The Interactive Course To Go would, by decree, be a required course for every Go player. With a verifiable certificate, trumpets, and all. “You want to talk to me about Go? — Have you then taken The Course already?”

Anyway, in such a case I’d ideally wish that the delinquent would talk about it in the chat. If they don’t, they may either be a case of “knucklehead”, as @Professor_X calls them, or they may be chatbanned for some reason, or they may have some disability that hinders their use of a keyboard. Last thing may be far-fetched, I know, but it’s possible. In any case, asking a third person for help is a good idea, I think.

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If you’d rather have me report this person to a mod - I’m not sure now, but I think I might have done that too. :slight_smile:

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Well, I guess I wouldn’t bother with it too much now since some time has passed already (and some perpetrators seem to have a short memory like a kitten) … I think I wrote most of what I wrote rather for other people who might read this thread because they have experienced similar situations :smiley:

Maybe it would even be a good idea to move this to the “Beginners” section, because it usually happens with Triple Double Digit Kyus?


I’m a newbie, maybe there is someting I miss, but I thought that in case players don’t agree about dead stones, the game continues until a group is alive or dead.
Am I wrong?


It’s an option, If a player genuinely thinks a dead group is alive, or a live group is dead, then you can always play it out and see, but sometimes people will refuse to accept a group as dead, when there can be no doubt that it is, in an attempt to win by dishonest means, or just to be an arse…


Lol, rockin’ that 654 kyu… Can’t seem to get anywhere near double didgits… Help… Anybody…

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ClaudiaCHM, I did. My opponent kept bringing dead stones “back to life” during the scoring. I clicked “call admin” but nobody came (there were three or four admins logged in). Finally I sent direct messages to the admins and by then the opponent lost on time. The opponent complained about me, but the next day an admin reviewed the game and saw what happened and said the problem was fixed. I guess they banned the opponent for awhile, not sure. At least I didn’t get blamed for my complaining. This only happened once.

I try to be very courteous with 25k players (who are actually may be 30k). I offer to help them, or to review the game (nobody takes me up on the offer–they prefer to learn by seeing what happens). At the end of the game I play some extra moves to put at least some of their dead stones into atari or even capture them so they can see clearly that the stones are dead. The prevents misunderstandings during the scoring phase.


david265, I had a very similar situation to what you described a couple months ago. IIRC we actually played two or three games in a row. The first game ended and the score was wrong, there was a group of mine marked dead that wasn’t. I commented about it and my opponent said “Yeah I know, I win”. After that game he first refused to accept any of his stones as dead, I think we resumed about five times as he made me keep killing his stones. Finally I realized that when we got to the counting he would rapidly click a dead group to bring it to life just before I clicked accept, that’s how I lost the first game.

I did call a moderator during the game, I understand that it’s a team of volunteers, so these calls aren’t always responded to as quickly as we like. I ended up speaking to a moderator shortly afterwards via chat, and he quickly handled the situation (thanks mark5000). My concern wasn’t as much about my loss, but about this player. So I’d say if anyone finds themselves in this situation, it’s best for OGS as a whole that players who resort to these shenanigans are reported.


Hello, @pokemonsta433, we’re being off-topic here, so I will keep it short: I’d recommend this:

  • create a thread for your plea in the Teaching section of this forum, and …
  • ask for a teaching game with a stronger player.
  • Alternatively just ask in one of the Chat Channels.

Good luck :slight_smile:

And this:

I like this, a LOT. Thanks, @david265!