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Please, If possible, I would like a DAN review about this very strange game. I need improve my direction of play and concepts of the game [Reviews requests] (5)
Help learning to kill white group lower left corner. You are black [Reviews requests] (6)
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"Best Way To Study" Experiment - [SIGNUPS CLOSED] ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ) [Teaching] (187)
7k vs 5k, Please, anyone can help-me with a review? ;) [Reviews requests] (3)
First Go game ever [Teaching] (11)
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DDK study - WANTED: Dan level analysts ( 2 ) [Reviews requests] (22)
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[Games started] TPK looking for teaching game with SDK or higher [Teaching games] (11)
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Review request: 4k vs 3k, in which an endgame blunder gives me the win [Reviews requests] (2)
4k vs 6k, I lost by 0.5 point. I saw some yose mistakes. But anyone can please give me an review about the entire game? [Reviews requests] (4)
5k vs 5k, I lost by 0.5 point. Please anyone can hep-me? [Reviews requests] (1)
Please, Anyone can review this 6k game? Thank you very much ;) [Reviews requests] (2)
Why do good players play this small looking move in the corner? [Teaching] (9)
Please, I would like a review about 6k vs 7k [Reviews requests] (7)
12k vs Gnugo [Reviews requests] (1)
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