Persistent 501 error, can't upload SGFs

Hi, I’ve been trying to upload SGFs for the past couple of days and I keep either getting 501 server not found errors or nothing at all. I’ve tried reloading the site, etc., but doesn’t seem to help. Is there a workaround that I’m missing?


Is there a particular sgf that you’re trying to upload, or is there sgfs from a particular source?

Thanks for the ultra quick response!

It’s a particular SGF from online Go game - from a source that I’ve used for all of my SGFs. Nothing unusual about it. I’ve tried pasting it and also uploading it from a notecard text file - both give me the same error.

It’s just if it was working before and others from the same source worked, it could be a couple of know things, like names of the players containing a special character or the result of the game not being interpreted correctly.

Let me upload a random sgf and test if I can.

Yeah a random sgf game from ogs uploads fine for me.

So is there anything in particular about the text file version that stands out?

Can you email me the sgf file so I can take a look?

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Hi Anoek, yes, I’ve attached the notepad file to this email. Thank you so much!
Col and David 9-29.sgf (1.9 KB)

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I could upload it, David123 Silverstar (David123 Silverstar) vs. Colonel Spaatz (Colonel Spaatz)


@Colonel_Spaatz I too am able to upload it, do you have any issues uploading any other sgfs or just this one?

Related to this, @anoek , trying to upload games from BW-GO (a famous android SGF editor) always give " Server Error (500)", see this for example.

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