Petition to clean up tournament page

The whole 1st page (out of 3!) is tournaments that didn’t start on their actual start date.

There are tournaments that clearly state they are tests and nobody intents to play them out, tournaments for group members only and at least 4+ players for groups with 1 member only (and inactive) etc.

These are obviously tournaments that will never start and will never disappear (unless someone removes them) and will just keep piling up. The first 10 are from more than 2 months ago, I guess by Christmas the first 5 pages will be trash tournaments, good luck to anyone who actually wants to find a decent tournament to join.
Or to people who only visit the site and not the forums, are new users, join one of these zombies, are disheartened and confused and just give up.

I suggest an automatic removal of tournaments older than 2 weeks (maybe after a PM to TD and 48 hours to kickstart their tournament or delete it).

Some people will feel hurt, I guess, but let’s be honest, these tournaments won’t happen.


Yeah, its a mess. Theres already a github request to clean uo the page from all the nonsense >___>


Thank you, I hadn’t even thought of the live tournaments, the problem is even bigger.


Is it bad if someone creates puppet accounts to clear these?


Honestly, I understand the sentiment, but I’d rather some moderator action, faster and cleaner (and discourages people doing it, some are obvious childish actions).


The problem is that a lot are invite only or members of groups which are invite only and such like. So this plan wouldn’t work for a bunch of these. I joined a could yesterday where only one player was needed but there often at least three players are needed and a lot of them need a lot more…

There should definitely be some filtering. Not displaying invite only tourneys and those in private groups would be a start.


Maybe someone sees an interesting tournament and decides to join the group, so I’m not sure about that.

Even a filter for tournaments past their date would be great.

But if it’s a private group you can’t necessarily do this. I agree with you for regular groups but there are groups that are invite only and others which you have to make a request to join and I think these should not be on the tourney page. If groups feel the need to control membership so closely I guess the admins are in touch with members in other ways to advertise/invite to tourneys so no need for these to be on the tourney page.


I think it’s best to leave “clearing” tournaments to the moderators.

If regular users try to do it with dummy accounts, it may be hard to distinguish between clean-up efforts done in good faith vs those intentionally trying to disrupt tournaments. Also, it may be difficult to properly distinguish between those that need to be cleaned up vs those that might still eventually proceed normally.


I joined a few, now I have a lot of games against @S_Alexander


The effort will be from real users and they’ll play real games, but specifically within these tournaments to get rid of them. If someone is an active user, 5 games give or take isn’t much. I don’t want dummy accounts, but I don’t think they are needed, people usually are up for a game anyway. :woman_shrugging:t2: :wink:

Usually moderators chime in sooner or later in these discussions, I don’t know why they don’t, it’s not like there’s any opposition to the clean up and there’s a need to weigh things. I understand it might be a lot of work, but I’d like some input at least.


Well, it’s fine if people want to join these stalled tournaments and actually play them out properly, but it burdens those people with additional games that they might not have wanted to take on.

I was concerned about people just joining tournaments, only for letting them start, and then immediately withdraw. A problem arises when some people have signed up to actually play, while others don’t seriously play.


This is a volunteer mission. :slight_smile:

I admit I made that joke, but second best to the forums is actually playing go to most of us, so only some troll would actually do so. I can’t rule out trolls in this, but I can’t rule out trolls in anything. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Disclaimer: Anyone starts a game in these tournaments and puts vacation/ pause on, I’m resigning the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mind playing a dozen of silly games. Long time ago I was trying to keep my account good-looking, serious. But not anymore. And back in my days we played 50 correspondence games at the same time, so it’s not that much effort.

The target for moderators are private throwaway tournaments.


Great list, if some people can sync maybe we can tackle and some of the live ones in the following days.

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I would argue, that best solution would be automatically hiding all the tournaments that are not open for You, same as the open challenges on /play page. And i dont mean just those tourneys that are “invite only” or “group members only” (if You are not in that specific group), but also those tourneys where You don’t fit within the rank restrictions.

Maybe there could be similiar “[ ] show all” togglethingy than with challenges, which would be off by default.


Maybe people in the chat room might be interested? I’ve never visited and don’t know what you kids are up to in there, but it’s worth a try.

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Coordinate with your pals and clean these live ones :slight_smile: this is a live, single elimination 19x19, only requires 2 players, basically it’s just one game. same for this one only 2 players, 3 rounds 4 players, 3 rounds 4 players, Swiss 4 players, double elimination 4 players, 3 rounds 4 players, 3 rounds 4 players, 3 rounds 4 players, double elimination 4 players, double elimination 10 players, double elimination

I didn’t include the ones that have already at least 1 player. They are live/ blitz and I don’t think it’s fair to join, since the games will be probably won by timeout. Best to leave them to the mods.
Also didn’t include the ones that are group only/ invite only.

I’m making this a wiki, you can pick which ones you like and delete them when you start them.

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I’ve joined a few more. Quite looking forward to these games now, although I’m a bit worried how many games I’ll have going on when the long tourney and fast title ones start!


Hi all! I’ve cleaned up most of them. I’ll check once in a while for more stalled tourneys.

Thank you all for the heads up!