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You have a good-looking family.


Those mountains of mine are in Southern Alps. The view point is the Pointe d’Escreins (3,038 m) and the view is taken towards NW. At the top left of the image the snow and glaciers mark the core of the Massif des Ecrins with the southernmost summits over 4,000 m in the Alps. In between lies the valley of the Durance river. The core Ecrins are solid granite and gneiss, but the part where this image is taken is a geological turmoil, layers of all ages dislocated by the upheaval of Alps formation (still work in progress, Africa pushing from under).
If you are into geology, you can have a look at this page (in French, but the maps and drawings will give you an idea of the turmoil).


Turmoil is the word! There’s been massive forces working on that. And that huge undersea landslide must have caused a terrific tsunami. Unlike the Great Smoky Mountains, you’re in a very geologically active area. I know there are many earthquakes in that area and some active vulcanism.
Thank goodness for “Translate this page.” My brief foray into French during High School is optimistically viewed as a most miserable failure.


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My street

On my way to the market


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Wow :open_mouth: looks like a beautiful place!