Pictures From Home

For @trohde that likes clouds. Today’s sunset:


Aww, those colours … give me goosebumps!


Another sunset, but something closer to earth was worth taking a picture of:

An owl balancing on the edge of the thinnest branch possible :slight_smile:


Yesterday my old friend Fritz and I buried :dog2: Jasper in Fritz’ forest (yes, he owns this).
80 cm (31.5") deep.

It was a beautiful sunny day (albeit a little cold), yet my eyes were raining … torrents.

Oh, and just so that you know: I’m okay (as in “stable”), I am at peace.
There only exists the NOW and HERE, the past is only in my memory, and it is from NOW and from HERE that I must move on.
And there only is one direction to move: forward—even if I have no idea where it leads.
The future lies in darkness and fog, and therefore I am currently moving slowly and carefully—while I realize that it actually is a relief to know that now I “may” (as in “am permitted to”) die because I won’t leave Jasper behind alone, I am not in a hurry to do so :slight_smile:


(sorry for your loss trohde)

The self-seeded pumpkin in the berm at the end of our pond decided to surround a solar-powered-light we have there…



“self-seeded”, eh? So you allowed a pumpkin to mess around there?

What I see before my inner eye …


It has an amazing day today, so I opted to return from the field roads instead of the main road (which is not that much better anyway, despite the asphalt) and since the whole place was empty, I took things slow at some point and made a video for my local friends that have immigrated to Northern Europe and the Scandinavian countries. I even managed to get a hawk in the video at 1:12 … the place is swarming with them and I love them :slight_smile: I saw at least 10 overall. Lovely birds.

Got some seagulls too, though my phone doesn’t have a good camera:

They were moving in an “3” pattern slowly drifting inland, while doing circles and talking to each other.
Funny squakers.



I’m geoguessing somewhere in Moldova, perhaps Chişinǎu because it looks like an urban environment.

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The other Moldova…

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I did consider Transnistria because I get some strong Soviet vibes from those pictures, but I thought maybe Moldova has that as well (though a bit less strong).
Is it Tiraspol then?


Perhaps Romania then?

I’m going to delete this one if, somehow, someone feels wronged by the statue…

I have no idea why it would offend anyone, but I suppose you can judge it better than me.

I think I found it in google maps, but I don’t know if you’d be comfortable with me posting the location of that statue. It is in Romania, but not very far from Moldova (like 80 km).

For some reason, it seems I know the history of the person (maybe because the Vlad period and our neighbours fascinate me as history subjects) and not the controversies about the person, which is uncharacteristic for Gossipy Gia.


Sometimes this mountain lake is just so beautiful.

And I’m saying this as a Sea People representative.


You mean these, perhaps involved in the Bronze Age Collapse? Sea Peoples - Wikipedia


I meant as a person who loves the sea, and also jokingly alluding to the historical Sea People, since I probably have some of that as well. It was kind of a double meaning.


Common marmoset.