Pie Chart not too useful and relevant to rank

I believe the pie chart is flawed and that a more useful chart of a player’s data can be presented.

Backstory: too many times do I play someone who is “4k” at a point in time, but really capable of beating 1d.

While the line graph is useful to answering “how strong are they really” I find the pie chart to actually be misinforming.

Many players ranks oscillate, this is natural. However, I believe I assume correctly in that the “wins vs. stronger opponents” part of the pie chart includes wins when they are at the lower part of their oscillation.

Eg, Lets take someone who oscillates between the min/max of 3k and 1.5d eg: beaten

When they are at the low point of their oscillation at 3k, they will naturally beat many 2k,1k and 1d which will be added to the “wins vs. stronger opponents” statistic. Given they have a strong, and consistent record peaking well above 3k it’s not that useful to know that they beat stronger opponents. And their definition of “stronger” is different every time they play, that is why I find this statistic to be quite vague and not too useful, if there is a different way of looking at that piece of information, I am all ears.

What I believe is a more useful piece of information, is the strength of opponents that they beat. So what I am proposing is a pie or bar chart that groups the strength level they have beaten.

This way, I look at this chart, and I see that they have beaten 1d about 20% of the time, 1k about 50% of the time, 2k about 30% of time.

This gives a much clearer gauge on their strength and I believe a more useful chart.


I think its made like that on purpose. Many users are absolute beginners when they join ogs, and those charts help them to track their own progress better than constantly updating graphs.

If 25k wins against 20k, they have won a stronger player. If that 25k then later improves and gains a higher rank, their game against the 20k should still be considered as “win vs. stronger opponent” since that was true when the game was played.

I know the charts do look bit weird for users who have a more stable rank with just some random oscillation, but for the users who are improving from the beginner level and using those graphs and charts to track their own progress, it makes more sense like this.


I agree, that’d be super cool.


Both would be useful actually.

If not directly on OGS, perhaps it could be added to Gotstats (@Chinitsu)!


It’s hard to solve actually. For example, someplayers are strong at 9x9 board and weak at 19x19, while someplayers vice versa xxx

The way that I look at it is about myself, mostly.

It tells me (accurately) whether I have been choosing opponents who are stronger than me or weaker than me, each time I play.

If I have been consistently chosing stronger opponents, it’s likely I’ve been losing more than my fair share, and it’s time to choose a weaker one :slight_smile:

This conclusion it typically supported by the win/loss breakdown that the pie offers.

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(It’s also the case that my intuition is that a person’s current rank is likely most representative of their skill if the pie chart is balanced, but this is just an intuition)

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