Player card colours - more tweaks?

Are you folk still interested in a competition to improve this further?

I’ve realised that we already have a test-bed for playing with colours: it’s the browser itself.

It’s actually easy to click on an element and tell the browser to change the colour of it - no coding or even HTML needed.

I’d be happy to post a quick video showing how to do that.

I’m asking partly because I’m still not entirely happy with what we have.

The reason I’m not happy is that the player name colour scheme we put there is not “consistent”.

What I mean is that “light blue” is supposed to mean “ordinary member of OGS”, but now suddenly we have “dark blue” meaning that as well.

Anoek has kindly put up an alternative at the beta server.

I like this better, because the blues on both players are as similar as they can be while remaining readable.

Except that there’s a concern that this is less readable :frowning:

So it’s “color consistency vs readable”.

Bhydden has a point that this is hardly the most important thing we can focus on, but on the other hand it’s easy and accessible … and it still irritates me :smiley:

  • Keep the high contrast dark blue (current site)
  • Use the more consistent lighter blue (as per beta)

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  • If you run a contest, I’ll contribute
  • I’d like to see a contest, it’s worth improving
  • Let it be for now

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The light blue looks better for the black player, but looks worse on white. The opposite is true for dark blue (better for white, worse for black).

Between the two, I think dark blue looks better overall.

I don’t see much of a difference for now, so I’ve opted out of voting :slight_smile: have fun

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Honestly, what needs to be made darker IMO is the shade of gold for site supporters. It still clashes somewhat with the brighter white.


I opened the contest (and even made a video showing how to experiment with the colours) and nobody responded (despite the votes above) so my conclusion is that these opinions aren’t something you all strongly care about :wink:

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I don’t understand the question. I’ve never noticed a difference in player name colours except when they’re yellow…

Are you not understanding about player card colours, or player name colours?

RedAgent was referring to the yellow/gold player name that you also referred to, which perhaps doesn’t stand out so well against the white player card in the dark theme (on the game page).

FWIW there are also purple, green and grey player names (at least. maybe more).

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Hmmm, now I’m really confused! I don’t know what a player card is but I noticed that player names are either normal or yellow or purple! That’s all I need to know, right?!

It depends what you need to know for.

For playing Go on OGS that would be sufficient.

For participating in a thread about “player card colours” you probably need to know more :wink:

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I’ll stop participating in this thread now then! :wink::wave:

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I’m trying to dig up the original thread, which I should have linked in my initial post in this one, for context :open_mouth:

Edit: this is the prior thread I could find : Bot name gone from white player box

I could have sworn there was one before this, when we started talking about the improvement in the first place, but I can’t find that.


Only noticed now that this thread has continued …

Might be a nice idea to simply explain what a “player card” is in this case? :wink:

As far as I understand this is an example for a “player card” (please correct me if I’m wrong):


You are correct.

From memory, you mentioned that dwyrin was complaining about it, and so you wanted to redesign it… if that helps you find it.

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