Player ID #1,000,000 coming soon

The current highest player ID is a little under 984,000, meaning that there are roughly 25,000 more to go before we hit #1,000,000.

Heads up!

By the way, to save your checking, of the IDs that are multiples of 100,000, only 900,000 (Xaqari) is at all interesting – and even that account was only active for a few months.


#333333 (Soja) is also a little interesting, with some play for a few years.
#555555 (fo__ol) has a bit of play as well.

I suppose this is also the thread for further discussion of these “distinctive IDs”.

#262626 (bka6) was fairly active from 2016 to '18.
#343434 (ruitaozhang2020) was active in 2017.
#545454 (Goglu) played a bit last year.


It turns out, by the way, that to have an account ID below 500,000 you need to have registered it before January 13th, 2018.

The 750,000 threshold is on March 29, 2020, ie. the beginning of the lockdown boom.

There are still some active players left with five-digit IDs, like xhu98 (69627) and Koba (85719), not to mention even the four-digiters like Napster (an impressive 1339).


There’s several single digit players still active: anoek (1), seigler (5) & Mcadoux (7) have all played games in the last month.

Within the double digits, there’s Phelan (27), seanachain (28), x13420x (45), trohde (52) & drchaos (71) who have played a game last month, and three or four who played at least once it the last half year (I wish I had written them down, I’m not going to search them again).


I have a five-digit ID as well:


godevil (101) is active – after a long break, he returned in 2020 and has been playing a fair bit this year.

viu30h (108) played a game last month and quite a lot in October.

roman (109) played a couple of games in February.

smartgo (115) has been playing pretty regularly this year.

tzorec (120) had consistent activity for a long time, but stopped in 2019.

tym1101 (124) dropped off in 2018, but returned to play a couple of games in January.

valker.rus (133) is very active right now.

Unno (134) was active for a while but stopped in 2016.

Veter (137) is very active.

MadAvenger (144) is super-active.

Kemist (145) is active.

Yoko (146) kept on for a bit but petered out in 2018.

flakeman2 (151) continues to be consistently active.

TL;DR there are probably a lot of still-active three-digit players.


My id, 457339, is a prime


Just checked an old profile (, but it seemed to me a rather dull one.

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My ID, 419437, isn’t a prime but it does have only two prime factors (607 and 691) which I think is pretty unusual for a six-digit number.

Hmm, let’s test that theory.

Number Prime factors # of prime fac.
419430 2, 3, 5, 11, 31, 41 6
'31 59, 7109 2
'32 2, 13, 37, 109 4
'33 3, 7, 19973 3
'34 2, 209717 2
'35 5, 149, 563 3
'36 2, 3, 61, 191 4
'37 607, 691 2
'38 2, 209719 2
'39 3, 139813 2
avg. 3

So a little under the average but nothing crazy.

The more interesting fact is that 609 x 691 is the only combination in the series in which the largest factor is less than double the size of the smallest, in this case significantly less – a “balanced combination”.


Hmm - when to start my account creation-bot, to nab that golden number!? :wink:


As a coder wouldn’t you prefer account no. 1048576? Coming soon.


Got a whopping 5 prime factors on mine, which also seems above average for 6-digit numbers:

258090 prime factorization is 2 × 3 × 5 × 7 × 1229

Edit: Now that I think about it - numbers divisible by 10 would reasonably have more prime factors, so that’s probably why.

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My previous account was 5-digits too. Maybe I should switch back to using that account, just for “elitism” feeling :sweat_smile:


Are 4 digit numbers worth something? Can I sell mine to the highest bidder?


Can’t believe yebellz hasn’t commented on this yet.


I mean, in the context of one million… I guess 16,000 is roughly 25,000 :stuck_out_tongue:

There are less prime numbers than I thought. So far I’m the only one whose ID# is a prime. According to the prime number theorem, the percentage of the prime numbers out of the first 1000000 integers is
1 / ln 1000000 ≈ 7.3%
*Edit: 1 / ln(1,000,000) ≈ 7.3%

Among all pro accounts on this list, only one is a prime, 792919, which belongs to Shibano Ryunosuke.


wow… I could have sworn there was more than 1 prime number in the first million integers :rofl:


I believe that “ln” denotes the natural logarithm in this formula.


hahahaha RIP fail me… would you believe I actually studied advanced maths in HS and uni haha, silly me read that as a capital i making it the word ‘in’ instead of natural log lol, you’re almost certainly correct (my bad)