Players Status, So Many Germans at OGS?

I see a players countries visits status on @carnivorix profile.

And he or she said it is caused by his or her own device, he or she is at Germany. But what is the real status? I wonder which is the biggest and smallest country at OGS?

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I also have a flag counter on my profile page.

Here are the stats: Flag Counter » Overview

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Ur status seems true, America is the biggest country of OGS!

But… Are u an American?

Yes, I’m an American, however, I use an ad blocker that prevents that flag counter from even detecting me.


See also here:

Once again, everyone can chose whatever flag. In no way this means you are from the country of the flag. Some flags doesn’t represent a country too.


Also, a great many advertising bots have OGS accounts, many with flags, although they obviously don’t actively participate.

noo, u’re wrong, it depends on the ip address, not the flags players set

Doesn’t matter. A great many came from an IP in the same country (which I will not name), So my point stands.

How do you have time to spell “no” with two O’s but can’t spare a Y and an O for “you”? :joy:

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It’s the still including the apostrophe that gets me :sweat_smile:

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it is sort of stressed form of no,
noo = many no