Playing Cube Go (Vorlon Go) on OGS

I think it’ll still be impossible; it’s more of a mathematically impossible than a technically impossible. Why don’t you try it, you’ll see for yourself what I mean :slight_smile:

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Actually, maybe what @Gia suggests is possible, depending on how we define “left”. I think it could be defined analogously to shifting the longitude of coordinates on a globe by X degrees westward.

Pick two opposite faces of the cube and call them the top and bottom faces. You can consider the dead center of those faces as analogous to the north and south poles. Let’s also consider a cube made up of 4x4 faces, for ease of exposition, but it’s straightforward to generalize to other sizes.

For the top and bottom faces, one would rotate all of the points around the pole. That is, the four points in the center would rotate position, and the 12 points around the edge also rotate places. On the top face, this rotation would be one step in the clockwise direction, while on the bottom face, it would proceed counterclockwise.

For the rest of the four faces, they naturally form a ring, where each point would take one step “westward” (i.e. clockwise if viewed from the perspective of the top face) with points moving onto another face if already at the edge.


I’m thinking how to make this IRL.
The OP one, I mean.

We could use magnetic stones. I have a portable set and at the club we have a big magnetic board with stones.

So a metallic cube would be good.

But what about holding it while playing?
Maybe something like a skewer?
With rests to hold it horizontally?

Or vertically maybe?

Or maybe something even more complicated, like a spherical cage?:grinning:


We could also use magnets to levitate the cube.

Or maybe just hang it from a string.


What if the cube shrank one line after each move?

What happens to the stones that might have been on it? Does the cube keep shrinking until it vanishes? What is the meaningful endgame and victory conditions?

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About the stones: the stones could just disappear and count for nothing, which could be an incentive to actually capture prisoners and not leave threatened groups. Or, all stones are automatically prisoners, based either on the edge after the shrinking or initial board edge.

About the size: it could shrink to a predetermined size, for example from 19x19 to 13x13, or any preagreed size really.

I’m still not sure about how to define endgame, but
Victory could be determined in the final size, and adding prisoners as per above.
Or victory is counted on the initial size, but corners and edges are less accessible as the board shrinks.

I accept any criticism, bar “this ruleset would be too complicated for Go”.

I was in the process of making one from textile (or actually I did nothing more than order the supplies), but then I got the flu.


Textile is a nice idea.
Something like velcro stones?

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I was thinking more like a pincushion


Also felt should stick but is not so reliable, especially if you have to turn the cube in your hands to study your move.

For now I’m still wit tin and magnets:

This will be 5,5 cm wide.
Now I have to cut and glue and paint…


This is the coolest idea I’ve heard for ages

I have a prototype!:grin:


I like the orientation and I think I like the number of points too. The current 8x8x6 game with yebellz is doing my head in. :exploding_head: