Playing Go in Shanghai

Anyone to help me to find a place to play go in Shanghai?


Hi :upside_down_face:

I found this on Google. I’m not from anywhere even remotely close to Shanghai so I’m not reliable, but this site seems updated.


Stupid me didn’t read the whole post lol


Uhm, no, it’s about Go, so “General Go Discussion” seems the right category.


Here are three clubs:

But it seems as if these are just for children…

Perhaps it’s easier to find one by searching with a Chinese search engine. Problem is, I don’t speak Chinese, so I can’t really help much.


Well first Thanks to all Of you trying to help me.

It’s not as easy as we may think because things change very quickly here. For example the info I found in sensei lib are fully outdated!
Children schools are not what I am searching btw, they are disconnected from casual games…
I hope some help from Local player mostly Who could answer
@PiggyStardust thx this links to a defunct club (sadly) opened by a taiwanese a very few years ago


A Baidu search revealed a couple of posts saying that Kangjian Park over in Xuhui district (徐汇区康健园) has people playing daily with at least two games going on pretty much all the time. Most recent post was last month.

There were people saying that people play inside the tea house for a fee and outside in the park for free. I’ve never personally been to this particular park so I can’t confirm any of this, but it’s probably worth taking a look.


At least the people in the park will know of existing go clubs, I presume.

By the way, I have run into this problem in Japan as well. What also might help is just walking around the city, especially in residential areas with large numbers of elderly inhabitants. In Japan I’ve found about 4 go clubs like this, by accident. Many also tend to be quite close to public transport hubs.


Yeah, I second the suggestion to stroll to the biggest public parks nearby and see if there are people playing there.

I’m sure bringing your own goban/stones and setting up at a park bench might also invite participation.

Good luck with that whole mask/social distancing thing tho… :\


Last year, before all of this, I was in Fuxing Park in Shanghai and the guy on the right of this photo would be challenging people every day there (near the strange Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels statue). Try to find him, he is your best teacher ever. I would also love to know if he still is there, so if you go, please post it here: c19374ed0a9285a723683fd311a1a76fdbc000f0_2_690x461

see also here.


Ok a friend Of mine recommended that parc: zhabei.

They were like 10 players at most, more strong players on sunday as saturday.
The parc is forbiden to play (I guess because Of virus) So we played outside near the door and a elevated highway.

Thank you for your suggestion, I ll try some other places maybe but you know Shanghai is huge, I need already 2hrs Of subway to go to this parc so it’s not So easy to hang out to find players in parcs.

Seems to me there are more places to play in some european cities, which surprise me.

Btw I learned that the system which allow kids with a 5d level to earn some more points for the test to go to best university has been canceled. Seems Weiqi is losing more and more popularity in China.