Please cap the number of correspondence tournaments users can join

Hello, rest assured I did nothing evil to your profile :slight_smile:

out of the five victories, one was annulled automatically because only one move was played. The other resignation counted normally and was reflected in your rating AFAI can see.

Unfortunately the last three games were a streak of bad luck. They were all games that ended by timeout against opponents that are timing out all their games (you can check their profile - most probably they just stopped playing, are otherwise occupied during holidy, or forgot to set vacation). In this case we have a (hated by many) backup rule that kicks in and voids those victories, because they are often undeserved and could skew many ratings.

I get that it is super disappointing and am sorry, but in all honesty those games (apart from the last one) were barely even out of fuseki, and you probably would not even call them victories yourself…

So - bottom line, your profile is fine and will grow in rank, just a bit of bad luck :frowning:


Thanks for the explanation[quote=“AdamR, post:54, topic:17283”]

Hi AdamR: Thanks for helping me understand the byzantine procedures os OGS. I am slowly catching on. I have two new questions: 1)It doesn’t seem that that those who time out after games are well underway, leaving their opponents high and dry, are in any way penalized. E.g., in one of the cases we are discussing, a player timed out of dozens of in-progress games, but his rank stayed at 3 kyu. I see the point of not awarding victory when the game is only 30 or 40 moves along, but at the very least the perpetrators should be awarded a loss. 2) Since becoming active on this site, I have had to learn everything the hard way. Is there any place on the site that documents all of these policies/procedures?

Thanks for being so helpful. Klaus38

From my point of view ranks are just for measuring relative strength, which is then used in obvious way. It has nothing to do with rewarding or penalizing at all. (I know that one can look at that differently, hence I’m consciously not stating this as a fact, just as my perspective.)


I think that is very well said.

To elaborate:
The ranks serve as a means to provide an equal game. Let’s say the player just forgot to enable vacation and left. If we awarded negative points for each and every game he lost, he would be crushed way below 20k. But that would not reflect his/her skill. Now he/she would have to play 10-15 games to climb back to his actuall rank. Those players he would play would feel cheated, because they would be completely crushed by what was supposed to be an equal opponent and he too would feel bad and bored, because those games would provide no challenge. That would not be fair to either of them. And now his/her opponents would lose rank unjustly, because he/she was actually stronger than the rank next to his name.

Furthermore (and now I am kind of talking a little bit above my understanding), but I think I will make sense. We cannot introduce a way for one player to lose rank without other gaining it. That would in time completely crush the whole ranking system, because ranks would be slowly getting worse and worse :slight_smile:

And I do not even really want to “punish” people. It is a game, and we want everyone to have as much fun as possible. If they just stopped playing altogether there would be no sense in punishing them. If they forgot to set vacation well that’s silly, but to completely destroy their account because of it seems rather mean.

That said if we see someone misusing timeouts or just ragequitting and forcing his/her opponent to “wait it out” that IS something we do not like. If you see a player like that be sure to report him and we will talk to him/her :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, not really :confused:
There is this site: but as OGS is developing more or less quickly and is basically run by volunteers nobody feels like updating the site every time something changes and a lot of stuff is now outdated or different :smiley: at the moment learning by doing is basically the only way

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There’s also this ofc: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Interesting. I had the impression no-one updated it because we didn’t have permission. But now I see I can sign up and at least make edit suggestions.

I wonder if everyone knows that?


I didn’t.

And I would like to collaborate sometimes someway… but there’s still another form to fill in order to get registered.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by always have to register for anything?
You want to participate in translations? Register on Pootle!
You want to polish documentation? Register on!
I’m so happy I didn’t have to register separately for this forum!
Obviously it’s not just an OGS problem: every site you walk in on internet asks you to register!

I must be the oldest dinosaur here for complaining about that, I know, but I really don’t like to have hundreds of profiles on different sites for different purposes and having to manage login info for each one of them.
Ironically, I’ll have to thank mr. Zuckerberg if so many sites allow users to register by their Facebook account… so they can be fully profiled and stalked.

Is it really so necessary?


lysnew, you are not alone - I hate to register on sites and there are many sites I don’t use because of that.

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I see the logic of your position, and basically agree. But there seems to be considerable abuse of these friendly policies. For example, one of the guys who timed out on me times out on ALL of his games, going back as far as I can see (50 games). Just saying…

It is not really an abuse, he/she probably stopped playing altogether for now, that is not uncommon and we can’t force anyone to play :slight_smile: There would be no point in trying to punish such a player…

Appareantly not :D. I mentioned it somewhere already but obviously not publicly enough. Anyway if either of you is willing to collaborate on it, I will be happy to make it happen and very grateful. It has been on the todo for quite some time.

Shoot me a PM whenever you feel like the time is right. I think with 2 or 3 people it should be doable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Which strengthens the argument for capping the number of correspondence tournies people can join, doesn’t it.

Why do we let people accumulate so many games in so many tournaments, and then dump us…

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I would argue that they don’t.
It’s not my experience and I play many correspondence tournaments.

And not that “multiple time out I’m being swindled out of a win” business again!

If the number of correspondence tournaments that a player can play are capped then it would ruin my enjoyment of playing Go on OGS


People like Sadaharu play actively many many games. Why forbid them?
With the cap you penalize the active players.


Nice to see that the topic of the thread is finally being discussed. However, I find it hard to understand why no agreement can be reached (even in principle) on a cap somewhere between 1 tournament at a time and 1,000 tournaments at a time (or even an infinite number, as seems to be the case). One of these days (if not already), a troll might get the idea of joining every tournament in sight over a number of months and then timing out of all of his games.

I thought we already said why to forbid them: people sign up for more than they can complete, and then bail out, or go extremely slowly in every game.

It’s antisocial.

Many rules in society are like that: because of the few misbehavers, we all have to put up with some limits.

Without this rule, we all have to put up with the multi-timeouters and horrendously slow players.


how many people are there who bail ? is there any statistics or is this discussion just for heresay because it happens sometime?

what would be your limit and how do you want to enforce it?
A tournament game can have up to 10 games per round (maybe even more). A tournament can go on for years.

Problems i see:
Do it tournament wise: People can not to join tournaments even when they have no active games, because they already have active tournaments. People will bet bored by waiting and leave.

Or if you do it gamewise: People who already joined tournaments get kicked off a new round because they have too many games.

So, i would not recommend to do it tournament or gamewise
If you allow going over the limit, you do not need the limit in the first place.
If you don’t do it tournament or game wise, what’s the solution?

Sometimes people will be no longer active. This will happen regardless if they time out from 30, 40 or 50 games.
The problem will NOT be solved. You want to use limits to reduce the problem, but you’ll only reduce it for a small margin or not at all.
What really will happen: people get pissed off, make 2-3 new accounts to play simultaneously. They will play with simultaneous accounts and they will time out with both at the same time when they stop playing.

About horrendously slow players:
If someone creates a tournament with weekends + 3day per move, then it’s okay for a player to use up his time. that is NOT misbehaving. if you do not like this CHANGE the rules.
If the problem are the system-wide tournaments, CHANGE THE RULES there.

ah and: change the vacation system.

so long story short:
i do not see how limits can solve the problems with timeouts.
I will not accept reasons like: many rules in society are like that. That’s just BS.


@evil_little_dream said exactly what I think. Players like Sadaharu or Mitsunari are not the ones who time out, and they play perfectly within the rules of the tournament. Punishing them for ‘delaying’ tournaments is just wrong

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I agreee, if the problem is players who join bunch of tournemants before getting bored of go and just leaving OGS, i don’t think cap would do any good. Firstly, those players won’t join enough tournaments to reach the cap (unless you set the cap into something like 5), and secondly, that will just happen regardless of the cap.

If the problem is that players like Mitsunari, Sadaharu, …or me, have been playing correspondence tournaments for years and thus gotten tens or hundreds ongoing games, we’re all just trying to do our best to finish our games without timeouts.

If we manage to play our games in a given timelimits, we shouldn’t be penalised. Same as driving 99kmph on a 100kmph road, it’s not illegal to go almost over the speedlimit.
And if we don’t manage to play all of our games without timing out, we get dropped out of that tournament altogether.


Someone send me a PM when this is going down. If I’m free I’ll help out.