Please make the Malkovich log private for all during the game

It is trivial to see the Malkovich logs of your opponents. You just have to log-out (optionally from another device) and then the logs are visible. This is important especially during the correspondence games. I understand the argument for making them visible but this will deter a lot of people from using them (unless they don’t know that they are not really private - which was my case for about a month).


Or document the risk and provide locking it as an option during the game.


Yep, I have to agree on this one. My impression was that only I could see my Malkovich log until the end of the game. Allowing spectators and non-logged-in users to see it seems to defeat the purpose of it entirely for me.


Personally I am not all that scared of people cheating on me, I know i wouldnt use the log that way. Even if someone does… well so be it. If someone wants to cheat, then they will!

That said i believe making the Malkovich log private would be a mistake, as it explicitly exists for others to read. I think an option to hide it, as @Traveller suggested, is more than enough.


I agree that others should be able to see it, but at the conclusion of the game would seem to be ideal to me at least.

That being said, a visibility toggle would also work.


Well, I for one simply assume that ALL MY OPPONENTS ARE NICE PEOPLE :slight_smile:

I use the M log quite much in my correspondence games, not only for entertaining kibitzers and giving my opponent a good laugh after the game, but also for reminding myself of dangers I’ve noticed and for jotting down my world board domination plans.

And as it happens, I have often accidentally posted such variations in the game chat instead of the M log … so … I guess I don’t really care if somebody would try to cheat by reading my M log :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve just noticed… It is trivial to cheat with a Go playing program like CrazyStone! You just have to enter the opponent’s move and see what the computer would do, then play that move as if it was your own. This is important especially during the correspondence games.

Won’t somebody do something?!?

Please make the stones invisible for all during the game! I understand the argument for making them visible but this will deter a lot of people from using them. Probably.




A setting on the Malkovich log would work great. I can see two very different scenarios for using a Malkovich log. One scenario where the log is used as a teaching tool. That could be made public even for your opponent during the game. Another scenario is when you want to record your thoughts and your planning in order to do a review post mortem of your own game as a learning exercise. The last scenario would work best with a Malkovich log that is private during the game.


This is always true, and cannot be prevented. It is obvious when you think about it. Just play your opponent’s moves and your moves in a concurrent computer go game to get excellent hints. Fortunately, most people don’t realize this and the ones that do understand that it is cheating.

What would be the ultimate result of cheating? Getting a ranking so good that you would lose any games in which you didn’t cheat. That would be counter-productive. So this kind of cheating eliminates itself!


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