Poll: Should absolute time say "Time/*", "Time+0", or "Time ABS"?

We recently added a visual indication to absolute time clocks so that it’s easy to find these games in the game list when scanning. Previously, they looked the same as Fischer or Simple time, but the urgency of making a move in absolute time games is dramatically higher.

Three options have come up:

  • Time/*, by analogy with Canadian time blocks, which say “/3” for 3 moves left in the time block. /* means “for all moves”.
  • Time+0, by analogy with byo-yomi (and Fischer time in challenges). +0 means “no time will be added”.
  • Time ABS, where ABS means “absolute time”. (Note: this potentially triggers more line breaks, causing each game to take up more rows. Also, it would be different in each language.)

Background threads:

Here’s the poll. If you have 3 days left on an absolute time clock, how should it be displayed in the game list?

  • 3 Days/*
  • 3 Days+0
  • 3 Days ABS
  • 3 Days
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EDIT: “heart” this message down thread for another option:

  • 3 Days!

If you’ve only got 3 days left in an absolute time game then it’s already too late! :wink:


Unless getting an agreement on some extraordinary session(s) to finish it.

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Maybe you’re at move 200 already!


I think the “+0” could be confusing too for those unfamiliar with the format, especially as other Fischer timing games in the list don’t display as “+x” in the clock time column.

ABS seems a bit less ambiguous.


But ABS is limited to specific languages where it might be interpreted as absolute.

Mathematics is the universal language

|3 days|

Lol that one is right in the writing but even more confusing for me. Not what we mean by absolute in the thread.


Can it be a translatable string?


Yeah. +0 makes more sense to me in something like an open challenge where it’s describing the time control, but in an ongoing game where it’s describing not the time control but the time currently left, I think +0 is inconsistent, so ABS makes a lot more sense to me

There’s also the option to reuse the look of being on your last byo yomi which I think it just says SD?

Same idea right?

Interestingly in that game both players are in main time but they only have one 30s byo-yomi.

I’m not sure if that would be consistent or inconsistent with the byo-yomi display :stuck_out_tongue:

In game it displays in the usual way


I had this thought too, but someone in the other thread pointed out that SD in byo-yomi resets after each move. Absolute time does not. So it’d be a false analogy.

But we could make the +0 red…


Oh, right. In Spanish it would be |3 Dias|


Ok, but as a serious suggestion, maybe it should be a warning icon at the end, that clarifies that it is absolute time with a hover-over tooltip or a modal pop-up, if you click on it.

3 Days :warning:


Haha, was thinking of something like “3 days (!)” too.

I think this suggestion makes the most sense and is the least likely to be confusing.

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How many people find “3 Days!” (or some explanation point variant) the best option? It’s too late for me to adjust the poll, but “heart” this message if you prefer it.


I don’t particularly have a view either way but an explanation point is clearly the answer! :joy:

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(SD) isnt translated either, right?

I dont think theres huge difference between :warning: and (ABS), i feel like both would work perfectly fine for identifying that game has something else than fischer or simple timing. No matter which one is used, i’m sure people will learn the meaning of it soon once they start games with absolute timing ^^


At least in 4 languages, it is ((MS) in French, Italian and Spanish, and (K.O.) in German), so it is a translatable string in OGS.

It seems to be translated in many more, actually, and it probably depends on the volunteer translations whether it’s left as (SD) or another phrase.


While we’re thinking about this sort of thing, could we also adjust the spacing to make things consistent?


  • The first two are byo-yomi and don’t have any spaces around the “+”, but a space after the “x”.
  • The third is Fischer, which has a space after the “+”. (Note: these are unusual parameters that essentially just boils down to simple time of 5m per move).
  • The fourth is byo-yomi will no main time.

Here are my style suggestions, via examples:

5m +5x30s             (byo-yomi)
0 +3x20s              (byo-yomi with no main time)
5m +30s up to 10m     (Fischer with words)
5m +30s ≤10m          (Fischer alternate with Unicode)
10m +5m/10            (Canadian)
10m/25                (Canadian with no main time)
5m/1                  (simple)
⚠ 5m ⚠                (absolute)

The time unit suffixes would have to be localized, but otherwise I’ve tried to avoid language specific words, except for the “up to” used for Fischer time. I think that displaying the Unicode symbol ≤ is fairly widely supported, so we could go with that alternate option instead. I actually prefer this Fischer alternate with the ≤ symbol.

The symbols for the absolute suggestion are also via a Unicode character, but I’m not sure how widely supported that might be. We could choose something else, or display a small image, or highlight with red.

Note that in my proposal above, I specifically write 0 +... for byo-yomi with no main time, since I wanted to emphasize the absence of main time, while for Canadian timing, I simplify it to just 10m/25, omitting the 0 + prefix. So, another alternative would be to just write something like 3x20s for byo-yomi with no main time.


that may help to understand “3 Days+0” Absolute time design

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