Post mortem for Fan YunRuo 8p

On 2 july this year, the famous player Fan Yun Ruo 8p, aged 24, falled from a building and passed away.
In the articles I put link below, it’s said that He was depressed these Last days.
The next article is from his friend and coach, Hu Yao Yu
On the second pic in this article, you see him having some good time with Chang Hao and Liu ShiZhen between others.
If anyone want to translate, He will be heartly welcome.

On my own knowledge, it’s first time I hear about that between all pro players.


Sad news.

I hope those going through depression can reach out for help.


rip :<

Fan Yunruo (24 yo, #10 goratings) killed himself by jumping from a building.

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Please don’t mistake my heart for liking the subject matter, only you sharing it. Fan Yunruo was having such a great career. His endgame looked particularly good, and he enjoyed some fame for being so young. May perpetual light shine upon him.

Here’s an August 2019 win against world #1 Shin Jinseo:


Not a big thing but there usually isn’t space in chinese names actually pretend someone is named abc.
You write it as A BC without a space.Very sad news though.


Do you mean there isn’t a space separating the surname from the given name? If so, I think it’s normal to transliterate that into English with a space, because while Chinese doesn’t use spaces, English does.

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I think he was talking about the space in the middle of the given name. OP transliterated it as Fan Yun Ruo. It’s a bit pedantic, but @李建澔2 is correct in saying it should be Fan Yunruo.