Preferred settings

Not sure when this went live, but great QOL update.



Yes, I saw it earlier too, development is on fire lately!!


You can thank @HongAnhKhoa for that one!


What does QOL mean?

Quality of life


What’s that?
Where should I look to find them?

I also didn’t see it at first, I had to do some scrolling to see it on mobile.

On safari I needed to get rid of the bottom bar by scrolling :slight_smile:

It looks great :smiley:


Thanks @honganhkhoa


Oh, it’s on the custom challenge modal!
I never ever go there! :grin:
Nice improvement though.


Tried to save my preferred settings for the 1st time, and it doesn’t “add” below what I had selected above.

Then I had to try out whether it uses my desired settings above when I click “use” or the ones shown below, and it really uses the wrongly saved ones.

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Is it possible to add a translation?

I went to but the strings “Use”, “Add current setting” and “Preferred settings” were apparently not proposed.


For visibility, it always helps to put bug reports in the GitHub issue tracker.

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Thanks, @benjito.

Fortunately it seems to work now, it does now save the settings I have set above, thus saving me from the hassle to do that.

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First of all, the addition of preferred time settings has been a huge time and headache saver for me, so thank you to the people who made it happen — I don’t know if there’s a post about the update here on the forums.

As an upgrade to this feature, I would like to suggest the ability to give names to each one. For example, I think I might be going overboard with this new feature, and it’s now very confusing and annoying to find which time setting refers to what purpose.


new bug: number of byo-yomi periods unable to save. When I choose other settings and then loading something with byo-yomi, periods line is empty:

bug above is dangerous

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@stone_defender What browser are you using?


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I’m having a heck of a time reproducing that on any system, can you try holding down the shift key and reloading the page? (That should force refreshing everything to make sure everything is up to date).

I just logged in another browser (Opera) , chose other setting (9x9, fischer), then the one with 19x19 byo-yomi and got this:

changed empty to 2 , created, null x periods challenge appeared

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I can’t reproduce it ever being blank anymore.

Can you open up a javascript console and type in


and tell me what it prints out?