Prioritize Urgent Games in Auto-Advance/Next Game Button

Currently, it is my turn to move in all 4 of my correspondence games. Here is how much time left I have in each (for most urgent to least):

A: 7 hr 47 min
B: 8 hr 58 min
C: 9 hr 48 min
D: 10 hr 43 min

Clicking on the number near the top-right of the website, brings me to game C first, then B, D, and finally A. Playing a move in game C, just now, brought me to game B. Then, playing in game B, brought me to D. Finally, playing in game D brought me to A.

I know it’s been brought up many times in the forums before, but I thought it was eventually changed such that the most urgent games should be shown first?


I think mods have plans to do something about it, but it sure has taken some time :confused:


I guess I misremembered, and just assumed since this suggestion has been made in the past.

Here is a discussion from one of the last time this issue was brought up:

In the follow-up posts @anoek does even say:

But I guess no one actually made any changes.