Pro games sgf collection?

I’m in my Collector (= procrastinator) mode.

Is there a way to get a huge (or a hug, I don’t mind much :woman_shrugging:t2:) sgf collection of pro games, that I can import in an ogs collection and study (= procrastinate) at my leisure?

Free or reasonably priced, preferably not requiring to go github myself.

Go4go I found, trying to make the subscription work, any other ideas?


(didn’t try.)


Thanks, I found most of the ones that I could Google.

That one I think contains pro, amateur and many other games, it’s not clear to me if there a way to sift through those.

Sounds like you might like invincible

Except that it’s a book…

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ETA: I bought a book from them a while back, I had to jump through hoops to find an epub app in Android to view it properly (good book tho).

Here’s a website with a bunch of pro game SGFs

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I saw that one, it looks like Waltheri’s, in that I can’t take the games and put them in an ogs collection (or there’s a way and I missed it).

I usually use Waltheri’s or the free go4go database for that, I wanted to make my own collection on ogs specifically (I just barely feel comfortable with ogs analysis and tools and I’m here all day).

You can download the SGF files from both Waltheri and GoKifu. However, the downside is that you have to do it one-by-one. Is it not possible to upload those SGF files to OGS? Or are you looking for some sort of bulk download?

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We just need OGS to partner with Gogod and host the files on a server which can be accessed by subscribers :slight_smile:


I’m looking for a bulk download.

Japanese Pro Player Kifu Collection


If you have an android phone there’s an app called Go Game Records available for free on Google play store which states that it has 70,000 pro games on it. I can’t confirm that number from experience, but there’s around 90 players listed and each player has umpteen games. Apart from the first one, the players are arranged by country - Alphago, China, Korea and Japan. At random I selected Yamashita Keigo’s games and gave up counting his games after around 400 and judging from the scroll indicator I was about a third of the way down his list. The games open on a board with the usual manual controls and also an automatic play facility - around 4 secs a move with a pause option and stone moves numbered if required. There’s small banner ads which appear along the bottom if you have WiFi or data transfer on, but offline they don’t appear and they’re not obtrusive when they do. If you haven’t got an android phone it’s probably worth buying a cheapo second hand one just for this app.

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Thanks, I already installed that one during my search :slight_smile:

The UI is also very easy to use, I recommend.

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I’ll probably watch a bunch of these talks

but the first one mentions a fox go game database and it has a section for pro games

Pro:	10,349 games

I have to go github myself? :stuck_out_tongue: If there is less than 100 steps and doesn’t require coding thingies, could I import that as an OGS sgf collection?

Follow-up question: Is there a 200 games limit in OGS collections? I can’t seem to be able to upload more than that.