Problem with the "demo board"

So when I open the “demo board” from “tools” and enter a move, AI says “B + 6.2” even though the komi is 6.5 for white. Is this normal?


Ah yeah, the score estimator is just that, an estimation by low-playout kata. Its not perfectly accurate, espesially in the opening, but it gets more accurate as the board starts filling up.

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If you disable AI review (in the pull down menu on the right), I think it will disappear…

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-09-28 om 12.22.12

I don’t think low playout analysis is off by 6 points on the empty board. To me it looks more likely that komi is not taken into account. (But admittedly this is just guessing.)


Could you share the position the board/demo link? If Black played Tengen, it’s understandable that AI would put Black ahead

If I try anything it seems quite clearly wrong:

Not sure if others can see the review; here’s what I see, with the normal score estimate for comparison:


I think I see that also in demo boards

This known bug may be related. When I use the score estimator on a demo board with NZ rules, the estimated score is always off by the amount of captures: Score estimator bug for demo boards

Pinging @anoek again. Oh and pretty please could you enable custom komi for demo boards? <3


FYI I think I saw a change go in related to fixing this. Maybe standby and see if it magically starts working :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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