Problems using OGS on mobile!

Hi, I’m new here. Started playing years ago on KGS, lately play on IGS using the mobile app.

Just played my first 19x19 here and it was a fiasco.

I got fat fingers, and every other move was not at all what I was aiming for… Needless to say, this resulted in a fairly quick resignation as my misplaced moves piled up.

On KGS app, when you touch the board, it zooms in, allowing for accurate placement on a phone.

Is there any feature like that here, and how do you turn it on? If not… is OGS really only supposed to be played on a laptop or desktop with a mouse?

Hope I’m just missing something here.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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You can zoom in just like you would with anything else on a mobile device nowadays, with thumb and a finger or two fingers.

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I have good success with my iPad Pro. But I do turn on the submit button to avoid the occasional miss click.

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No, OGS itself via browser doesn’t have that zoom to play feature. 3rd party mobile apps may do.

The features OGS has to reduce misclicks are 2 other move submission modes: double click/tap, or single click and then confirm with submit move button. These can be selected in your settings pages. But they aren’t as good as the zoom feature you mention.

IssaT, that browser feature is too risky to use as if your multi touch gesture is interpreted as a single tap you play a move in the wrong place, plus it’s inferior UX even when it works.


Thanks for the explanation everyone!

Tried playing with pinch to zoom, and still made mistakes.

Just read Uberdude’s response, and I will try playing with this confirmation settings turned on.

Thank you!

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Hi @DrMalta , welcome to OGS.

If you want a good experience on mobile can I suggest you try one of the 3rd party apps that are specifically meant to be used on phones? For Android there (full disclosure: I am the author of that). For IOS there’s Surround (sorry don’t have the link but you can find it in the Apple Store).

What I did in the app is not a zoom feature but instead there’s a sort of a crosshair that you can drag and also you have to confirm the move after you place it. I play a lot of 19x19 with it and the potential for misclicks is really low.


Ok… Surround app did the trick! First try, first win, first game without a string of mis-clicks!

I owe you one! Thank you!


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