Profanity filter issue (Dutch)


The chat section displays $*!% instead of displaying regular (dutch) words like pot, asbak and many more. Is this a known issue?

Hi! I don’t have an answer, but I changed the topic name and category to better reflect the issue at hand. It should draw more relevant attention that way.

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Do you, perchance, have a language selected in the Profanity filter list in your settings?


Don’t click here

IMO profanity filters are $*!%


Is this a known issue?

Yes. See this post:


Ow man, that filer is beyond measure. Can’t even type ‘asbak’, meaning ashtray, nothing else.
It seems there is no way to switch off that filter, though

Hello Der_Lucas

The easiest way to “switch off” the filter is to just select a language you do not expect to be using.

Obviously it is hard for us to improve a filter of a language none of us speaks, if you would be interested in helping out other Dutch speakers by improving the said list, respond to the thread Opuss has linked or PM me if you have more question. It would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

It appears to be a function of mobile browsers… But by cellphone or iPad you can basically uncheck all filters rather then checking something obscure. It would be nice if this option was available on PC too.

Well since you asked, you can ctrl+click on PC to deselect the filter. And yes, it is super obscure, but since selecting another language is so easy, it is not really a priority to fix it :smiley:

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Hi all, the dutch filter has somewhat annoyed me for some time. As a native Dutch speaker living in the beautiful city of Utrecht I can’t even tell where I live in chat. I went to the other topic, and downloaded / decoded the dutch filter list. I kept everything with a clear sexual connotation, and all the real swear-words in, and threw out all the rest, which included indeed a lot of normal words that everybody uses all the day, and included also a lot of words which used to be not very nice 100 years ago, but have not been in general use for at least 50 years.

So I now have an updated list, but I don’t have git installed in my private computer and I’m not a java / javascript programmer. Thus, making pull requests is somewhat beyond me. In the upload function I cannot upload a .txt file. Who should I send it to?


You can send it to me, @mirreke. I should be able to update the filter and make the pull request during the weekend.


Mirreke sent me the list by PM yesterday,
I have created a pull request, but since you are way more experienced, would appreciate any check or fix.

And many thanks to both of you for helping us improve.

Right now the netbook is like a horse cart minus the horse, so I can't run the code, but I've read it and everything seems fine to me. :]

Only if you mean “…in managing to break the site for a few people the last time you updated the filter.” :P


Exactly :smiley: wouldn’t wanna do that and you now surely know how to avoid that :smiley: seriously though, thanks for checking.

Anoek already merged it now, so let’s hope it works.

Oh, yes, I do strive not to break something in the exact same way twice. But since you haven’t embarked on the treacherous journey that is implementing unicode into the filter, there isn’t much risk it might go wrong.

Anyway, it’s always a pleasure. Let me know if I can help with anything.