Professional go tutor needed


I am looking for professional go tutor (1d or higher) for paid private lessons via Skype to improve my 9x9 game.
Can you recommend somebody?
(Or if you are a tutor write me directly in private message please.)

Thank you in advance!

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In my opinion a professional go player to teach a 13k player is a bit of overdoing things.

It’s much more needed when you’ll be in the high sdk range.


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Maybe I am wrong, but it seems for me that it is much better to start with advanced training with experienced professional teacher from the beginning. To learn things in proper way from the beginning. That is what my life experience shows me about other things in life requiring training and education. Best and fastest result you are getting when starting with the best approach available from the early beginning.


Most things at 13k can be learned by yourself or teached by a bit stronger players. A pro is not a big help when counting liberties or experimenting basic ideas on your own.
A pro become an efficient investment when you can beat him at high handicap.


Anyway my question is still open and I will be glad to receive replies about exact tutors.

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I don’t know about 9x9 games specifically, but actual pro players that do reviews and simuls are

I think do whatever you want, and learn however you want :slight_smile:

There’s also many strong players that do lessons


Thank you very much for your reply!

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These are the pros coming on OGS. Most are go teachers and have infos in their profiles.


Thank you, Groin!

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My recommendation is play very serious games and try to integrate new things in your game.
That is efficient for quick progress, more as listening a teacher.
So try to participate in real life tournaments for example. That costs a bit of money too.

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I agree with this assessment.

Those who advise you not to take pro lessons are probably considering that the average Go player does not have a lot of extra money and there are excellent cheap/free options for kyu players. For example, you can get free crowdsourced game reviews on

If you do intend to develop your Go skills to your full potential and the budget is not a concern, there is no reason not to pay a good teacher. I would first consider the language barrier and even if you can meet them in person, depending on where you live.

To add to the suggestions by @shinuito and @Groin, you might look up the contacts of:

Or even Asian professionals, if you speak their language.


Thanks, the answer is helpful!


9x9 games are pretty much a tsumego/reading contest. While those are very important to improve your overall skill, 9x9 games hardly touch more abstract concepts that are important on larger boards. So there is a real risk of developing your skills unevenly when focusing in 9x9 only

Also, paying a great teacher only to show your tactical mistakes on 9x9 seems wasteful to me. A great teacher has so much more to offer than just showing you their deep reading abilities, which you can’t replicate anyway as a DDK player.


Did you find?

I was thinking on your request again. Did you research around where you live?
Online cannot replace fully a face to face teaching.
So if you are so motivated in go that you want already a pro teacher you could consider to move in the vicinity of a good go (school/pro/teacher/club)


I found an online trainer for now and training with him.