Professionals' Rank on OGS


I am wondering, if the pros receives their OGS rank without fighting in the jungle like me? I find that most pros have their OGS ranks that resemble their real-life ones.


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P ranks in OGS are not earned from ranked games on OGS. They are earned from real life achievements and then telling OGS admins “Hi, I’m Shin Jinseo and I’m 9p and my OGS account is blah blah” with enough evidence to make them believe you. Pro players may also make a regular ranked OGS account whose rank will be earned through ranked games on OGS like us plebs.


Yeah, those professional ranks are given by associations which have some pro system (currently only chinese, taiwanese, japanese, and south korean national go associations, plus the EGF and NAGF are to only ones currently granting pro ranks), and OGS simply just acknowledges those ranks.

Some pros have been ogs users before gaining their pro ranks and their accounts are already known due the online tournaments they’ve attended as strong amateurs, so its easy for us know that they’ve made it as pro. For users whom reached a pro rank before joining ogs, we ask some questions to verify whether they are indeed the person they claim.

Yeah we adjust those pro ranks manually according to the rank given by their pro system, so its not always up to date if they’ve gotten a promotion after their ogs rank has been set. If you notice some pro account that has lower rank on ogs than they should, drop us a messge so we will adjust it ^^

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I think this one is not up to date:


Now it is :slight_smile:


Sure, come on. Start at 6k and… Be patient. Maybe a newcomer who don’t know yet what are 2 eyes will be paired and get his unique chance of his life.
Then hopefully some day you’ll get another pro to play. Maybe.

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not to mention I doubt the OGS playerbase is exactly teeming with the types of players a pro would want to train against, even at upper levels


So tell me which of them tried the pleb road? I guess some did.

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There has actually been few pro players who have decided to play on ogs with normal non-pro account for various reasons, and while they’ve quickly gained pretty high dan rank, they are still within the handicap range of many amateur players ^^


I played (and lost) a ladder game against @spicydragon recently :grinning: