Proposal for streamers

OGS should consider adding a specific account type for streamers. Maybe have their name appear in green instead of blue; to let people know the game might be broadcast. Have the standard settings set in ways convenient for teaching games.


Currently green is being used for professional players, purple for moderators, grey for bots, orange(or brownish) for AGA staff, gold/yellow for site supporters.

Any other color suggestions?

Probably it would be even better to let them toggle something to turn on/off such a colour when they’re streaming or not streaming, though maybe people would intentionally have it off to avoid getting stream sniped.

Interesting thought though, whether one should be informed that a person is broadcasting the game.

It certainly has been questioned before also


Do you have some specifics in mind?

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I haven’t thought about specifics for that. Maybe make the analyze function on by default, allow the challenger to use the score estimator (visible to both players), integrate a pen function (this suggestion could require to many changes)…

My primary thought was to allow streamers to play a wider range of players while avoiding sandbagging accusations. While promoting membership to OGS.

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How about a flashing “record” red circle next to their username when they are streaming?

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What color isn’t really important.

Streamers are important to the community, they drive new players and interest. But it’s not hard for them to run into problems. Thought it might be nice to let people know they might be facing a stronger opponent and other people might see the game. Streamers could still switch accounts to conceal who is playing. While letting people know they’re being recorded.

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