Puzzles: Who is this player?

Does someone know who this go player is?
No speculations please, I need to be 100% sure.

Why am I asking?
I found two go books in my collection with about 250 problems each.
The books date from mid 70s or before, but certainly not after 1977.
If these puzzles by a for the time being unknown bus famous go player are not yet included in OGS Puzzles, I can put them there some day in the future.

Update on Hashimoto puzzles:
I nearly finished entering the first book of his puzzles on the OGS Puzzles.
After finishing the first book I will take a break from supplying puzzles to OGS Puzzles.
It is time for other projects :smiley:

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why photo is mirrored?

It’s stated right below: 前田陳爾, Maeda Nobuaki.

Full translation:

Introducing the author

Maeda Nobuaki, born in Meiji 40 (=1907) Shingu, Ibo, Hyogo prefecture. Became a pro at 13 years old.


Thank you.
I don’t read Japanese/Chinese very well, actually not at all :smile:

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Interesting, I wasn’t familiar with this jinmeiyo (naming) kanji:

Apparently its original use was as an archaic second-person pronoun, like English thou. Its main radical is listed as 爻 (mix, twine, cross) but that’s not visually obvious, at least not in this font.

Jisho also says it has a variant form, which is hyogaiji (an unofficialised character):

Neither am I, but I was familiar with 前田, and Google did the rest :slight_smile: