Question about chat rules

Funny and a bit sad?

In March 2014 he system welcomed everyone to the forums.

At the end of this post some helpful links were given.

In more than 8 years not one player clicked on the Forums Rules
and Etiquette Guide link.

Well maybe not funny at all and rather disappointing.

This reminds me of the book “Game-players of Titan” by Philip K. Dick.

“That would be Lucky Jerome Luckman,” Schilling said. “Oy vey, he’s a hard man in The Game; I ought to know. Now he’ll be sitting in with your group and pretty soon he’ll own all of California.”

“Can’t anybody play against Luckman and beat him?”

“Sure.” Joe Schilling nodded. “I can.”

Pete stared at him. “You’re serious? But he wiped you out; you’re a classic case!”

“Just bad luck,” Schilling said. “If I had had more title deeds to put up, if I had been able to stay in a little longer—” He smiled a bleak, crooked smile. “It’s a fascinating game. Like poker, it combines chance and skill equally; you can win by either, or lose by either. I lost by the former, on a single bad run—actually, on a single lucky guess by Luckman.”

“Not skill on his part.”

“Hell no! Luckman is to luck as I am to skill; we ought to be called Luckman and Skillman. If I ever get a stake and can start again…” Joe Schilling abruptly belched. “Sorry.”

“I’ll stake you,” Pete said, suddenly, on impulse.

“You can’t afford to. I’m expensive, because I don’t start winning right away. It takes time for my skill-factor to overcome any chance runs… such as the celebrated one by which Luckman wiped me out.”


Most know what to expect there.

It’s good news if the forum is well running without having to go read these pages.

Besides i think the OP is more about talking in a game as what can we talk in the forum.

(Implicitly by using the word “opponent”)

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The one active 9x9 game from me

ok that without well played would be minimum for me

Surprise surprise, you made an entirely predictable mistake through your lack of skill (including playing a liberty reducing move earlier to set it up) which is a classic mistake of people around your level I have seen many times before.

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I know it’s a nit-pick of me here, but those rules are about the forum, wheras the OP asked about chat.

Interestingly, although the forum rules are more extensive than the rules governing chat, it turns out that expectations of politeness are in fact higher in game chat.

You can look around the forum and see that we have robust discussions about how we feel about each other’s participation in the forum. Game chat is simply different to a forum where general discussion is expected.


Those links were only added in March 2020 update to the post. I know that at least I have clicked it, but the counter seems to not be working for that link.

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You did not even bother to say “hello” to your opponent at the beginning of the game.

Why would you bother to say “lucker” now?


The chat rules mainly come from the Terms of Service:

In other words, keep your chats in good taste. Then a moderator won’t have to decide whether to interfere with what’s going on.


I imagine it is “allowed” but not advised.

A. It shows you as a bad sport.

B. It advertises that you fail to understand that every opportunity your opponent had was given to him/her by your own play.

There is no luck in a two-person game of complete information. If you call your opponent lucky, understand that it makes you look much worse than it makes your opponent look.

I’d suggest, instead, figuring out where you failed and how to not give your opponents chances to be “lucky.”

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Nah - it’s different.

It’s not specifically explicitly disallowed, but it is very unlikely it will be allowed if it causes a complaint.

I do agree it’s ill advised.


Its weird double standard, i find it somewhat insulting if someone writes “you got lucky here” - but i still say stuff like “phew i was lucky with that ko” myself.

And you know, sometimes games are resulted by luck ^___^
Opponents wifi broke down and they timed out while being ahead by 30 points? Or maybe they started doing something else, got distracted, and then blundered that 30 point lead on teire? Yeah thats a lucky win, no amount of sugarcoating will change that. It happens.

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