Ranking in Go and its chess counterpart

For some time now I have been wondering if it is possible to roughly determine that a given rank in Go corresponds to some chess ranking, if it could roughly be estimated what would be the equivalent of 1200-1300 in chess in kyu degrees?
If any of you, like me, first played chess and then started playing Go, I am especially curious how you see it

Perhaps you might be interested in this


Thanks, I appreciate it

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Are you wondering how good go players would be at chess (and vice versa) or wondering how the kyu-dan system could be mapped to something like ELO rating (and vice versa)? I assume the former, but I’m not entirely sure.


I mean more about 2 “how the kyu-dan system could be mapped to something like ELO rating”

This will give you your go rank, counting up from 0 being 30k


EGD uses (E.G.D. - European Go Database | EGF ratings system)

An average 1 dan should have Go Rating about 2100 and the difference between grades is set to 100 (6 dan = 2600, 1 kyu = 2000, 20 kyu = 100 etc.).

AGA is using a 100 point spacing as well, with rank=rating/100 (positive being Dan, negative kyu). “There are no ranks between -100 and 100” AGAGD | Ratings Overview

while OGS is using

You can few both, you kyu/dan and ELO rank on your profile page.

There are difficulties when comparing absolute ELO ratings between different platforms, be it for the same game or different games.
ELO has no anchor, absolute values are meaningless, only differences in rating matter. Therefore how strong a 1500 player is different between platforms and over time. One first has to find how to align the rantings, before a meaningful comparison can be made.


The sensible way to compare go vs chess rankings is via population percentiles: if I’m in the top 10% of chess players with a rating from tournaments, what go rank would similarly put me in the top 10% of rated go players.

So 1300 USCF is about 7k EGF.

As a general ballpark around 2000 FIDE is about 2100-2200 EGF which is 1dan to 2 dan and that offset is fairly constant from maybe 5k to 5d.


Thanks for your replies, it cleared me up a bit


Seems to me the gap between 4d and 5d must be a lot more Elo than the gap between 5k and 4k.