Rating Drop After Win by Timeout

Also, the Ratinggraph is still not updated in 10 days… so maybe it is a bug?

Not a bug. It’s a feature.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Can’t believe we’re still using a six year old thread, lol


Could you elaborate how in this case the “mass timeout” rule caused this person’s rating to drop after a win?

I would have thought the only think that rule could have caused is not-to-increase after a win…

For some reason, (some) annulled games trigger a rating recalculation. Since the ratings of at least the most recent opponent changed since the last game ended, the new calculated rating should be slightly different.

And my answer was to explain why the game doesn’t show up in the rating graph.

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Fascinating :slight_smile: Good catch!

I think it’s great. It’s useful to keep similar line of discussion grouped in the same thread.

Thanks for diving into this. However, in the gamelist, the game is flagged as rated, not annulled.

If it’s a feature, I still dont understand it. To prevent sandbagging it’s only logical that the rating of the player who times out is not affected if a batch of games lost by time out. But why the winner is "punished " for this as well remains a complete mystery to me.

Annulments caused by the timeout rule do not show up on the game history. I know this from my own experience. As for the winner not getting the win: for every win there must be a loss, otherwise the whole ranking system would gradually inflate. So if the loss isn’t going to count, the win can’t count either.

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Briefly, it’s for ranking system stability.

If lots of people join, start games, and leave by timeout, it is said that the effect will be an upward trend on all ranks on the server, which is not desireable. A lot of care is taken to make sure that the overall ranking stays stable (this also is why new people are 13k with high uncertainty).

If you are interested in more details, and to see the various arguments on the table for and against, you could start here: Escaping by Timeout


Thanks for clarifying things up, makes total sense now!