Ratings moving opposite?

Exactly. There should be a good explanation of how OGS ratings work and the explanation should be easy to find. A suggestion (for the overview page):



Good suggestion!

If you write the good explanation in the wiki, I will code up the link to it in the interface.

Well, I certainly will try to write a good explanation of the ranking system, so that maybe we get rid of all those “i won, but my ranking went down” posts :smiley:
That will take some time, because I have to do some more research for that.
What do you mean by wiki?

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OGS current “live” documentation is here in the “Wiki” :slight_smile:


So I make a new page about ranking in the github / wiki.
When I have a text that I think is good / acceptable, I will let you know.
And then it will become a discussion document, as long as takes to become a text fit for linking it to the interface?
Okay, will start on it tomorrow.


Okay, here is my wiki thing on ranking.
I am not an expert on ranking, so please consult the other mods and Anoek.
Tried to keep it short and simple, with a further reading section for the go nerds.


Looks like a great start - thanks.

It would be very helpful if it had a initial overview of what the ranking system is before launching into the problem with it…

Okay, will do.

“Your overall rank is only based off of the last 15 ranked games.”

Question: If one or more of my last 15 ranked games was annulled (correspondence win by timeout, not cancelled new game), what happens? Are only 14 (or less) games used to calculate the rating or will it consider my last 16 (or more) ranked games instead?

Good point!
I assume that an annulled game is not taken into account, as that game is supposed never to have taken place.

“Your overall rank is only based off of the last 15 ranked games.”

In fact it is your last 15 games and your rating before these 15 games.

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Would you be interested in proofreading “Ranking system. WORK IN PROGRESS”?
It is the Doc & FAQ right column.

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Did add an intro.

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Thanks, I tweaked it slightly.

I feel like the meat of the article - the description of the working of the window - needs some thing to make it clearer, but I can’t think what yet. More in the way of diagram of what is happening I think … I will think some more about that. I found it hard to read the sentences below the chart and really see what they were talking about.

Me too, but I am sure we will come up with something.

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The other thing that definitely needs to be in there is the business about rating and ranking, so that when people click on the helpful link to this explanation, the two different numbers are explained

Making it visible (a picture is worth a thousand words) is a good suggestion :smiley:

I am checking out if youtube maybe has a simple and not to long video on how Glicko works.

Cool. I was thinking of a visualisation of the sliding window effect in particular (which probably isn’t going to be in a glicko explanation, I’m not sure - I think it is an implementation detail at OGS?)

I think this is a good one, certainly not perfect and a bit too long.
(It was the best one I could find.)

Maybe you can get Anoek to make a simple video in which he explains how to interpret your rank based on a 15 game sliding window?