Re-inviting friend

Hi, I have accidentally rejected friend request, and now cannot figure how to “become friends”. When either of us sends friend request the site says " Already invited to be your friend" but there is no notification for either of us.

@octonary maybe you should try refreshing the page

I did that. Moreover I logged out and back, and tried sending friend request many times.

@anoek any insight into this one on the server side?

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Is it possible that you accidentally closed the request, rather than accidentally rejecting it? If so then this situation is probably related to an issue where group invitations and tournament invitations can’t be resent if they have been closed with no response. See also: Group join request notification hidden forever - #12 by Kosh

If that is the case for one of you, it is still possible for the other to send a request in the other direction. If the problem has occurred in both directions then I fear I have no work-around. I tested on Beta to see if blocking would cancel the old requests and allow fresh requests after unblocking but unfortunately not. Work-around ideas anyone?

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Is it possible that you accidentally closed the request, rather than accidentally rejecting it?

yes (thought it is the same), I was clearing a stream of notifications by pressing the close button on each. I will double check with the other side to send in my direction. Thanks.


Something similar has happened for us :slightly_frowning_face: We have an OGS group for our IRL Go club. The OGS group is invite only. New members to the IRL club sign up to OGS, tell us their OGS username, and then we invite them to join the OGS group. I have invited a new member but they accidentally rejected (or just closed?) the invite. Now I cannot re-invite them - when I try it just says “Player has already been invited to this group”. Any ideas? Thanks

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If you are not the only admin of the group, maybe another admin could try?

My guess is declined invites are one-time only to prevent spammers, so a different user might be allowed to re-invite to the same group.


We fixed it in the end. I gave them the OGS group page link and they were able to join / accept from there. :slightly_smiling_face:


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i have the same problem… :weary: