Rematch settings treat rematcher as original challenger

Say 5d challenges 8k and uses “Your color: White”.
If 8k uses the rematch button afterwards, 8k will play white by default.

It’s a minor thing, but probably unintended so might warrant a fix. :smiley:


It could have been intended but in the view of even games only…

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Looks like a one-line fix. Since severity is low and it’s an old bug, I marked this as a “good first issue” :slight_smile:


I think for even games with random colors, switching colors in a rematch would be expected behavior. (this way you could easily play a best-of-5 with alternating colors, for instance)

So perhaps if last game was “Your color: random” then next game could be automatically set to the color you didn’t get that game?

(when color is explicitly set I agree that it should stay the same on rematch)


I agree that would be ideal @antonTobi (or actually I would prefer more “Random” over alternating colors). Could probably work similarly for Auto (although the likelyhood of switching is much smaller).

However, we’re no longer talking a “one-line fix” since the original challenge parameters are not available once the game has actually started. All we know is who played which color. Something in the API would need to change.