Reminiscing about great ole memes ... and how to make that easier

TL;DR … would it cause outrage if I created a new thread called “Classic Go Memes”, and start pulling over into that thread memes from the main one that have say >10 likes?

From time to time something triggers me to look into the meme thread, and there is so much gold in there, it’s great. But of course not every attempt strikes the mark … the good ole meme thread has all kinds in it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to browse just the ones that stood the test of time?


Isn’t that what this button is for? :thinking:

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I dunno - what does that button do?

I want to browse through memes that have >10 likes and laugh at each one as I scroll…

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I guess not quite exactly that.

It shows the top 100 posts by total likes

it doesn’t show top 100, it shows locally best ones. So in times when there are too many good memes, some are skipped.

and there are too many “>10” likes memes

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I dunno - I scrolled through, and “10” seemed to be a good threshold for “would I like to see this again”.

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Don’t see why it should be a problem if you want to put the effort in… :slight_smile: anyone not interested can just mute the thread…

I guess moving the posts might break some old links (although I am not sure how it works in discord) - when people linked a meme as a funny reply elsewhere, but personally that does not trouble me either.


I’ve not looked but I feel that I agree with this. Probably 15 or 20 or more would be a better threshold for a first cut. But I guess that would mean potentially trawling through multiple times of you decided to lower the threshold at some point.

Another thought. Is it possible to filter by posts you have liked?

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That would be so awesome! That would be exactly the right effect!

Advanced search to the rescue

4337 being the memes thread


Nearly the right thing. But once again, the end result of that is a search list, not a thread you can scroll through… and see all the golden ones as posts.

Probably without submitting a PR we might not get that.

On the other hand, another idea of going into the meme thread first, then doing search so one can use the “search this topic” button

My guess is trust level 0 is pretty much everyone, and then sort by likes.

Edit: Unfortunately I don’t think the sorting works that well, at least with the likes option.

I feel like this has come up before?


Yes, that’s one of the reasons why it seems worthwhile :smiley: :wink:

This variation is different in that the result is the actual posts appearing in a thread.

One thing I don’t like about it - and actually probably is a killer for the idea - is that it results in the original meme thread being very diluted of “stands the test of time” content.

That’s no good :frowning:


What exactly does “pull over” mean?

Does it just mean making another thread where you just quote memes that you like? I think that’s fine, as anyone is free to discuss memes and create curated lists.

If you mean literally moving posts into a new thread, then I think that is a bad idea that I would strongly object to. There are several negative effects that I can think of:

  1. It (potentially) breaks links and references that others have made elsewhere to those posts. I would need to double-check exactly how Discourse behaves, but I think these references are messed up.
  2. It destroys context within possible larger discussions and themes that trend within the memes thread.
  3. If the best memes are pulled out, then it winds up reducing the quality of the memes thread.
  4. If some good memes are left behind, then it creates a controversial list.

Please don’t start moving posts. From what I understand, it’s difficult to undo such things without messing up the order of posts.

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Here is what I think is a much better way for you to make such a curated list, without having to modify the existing meme thread. Just quote the images instead, like this…

Example of Memes Curated by yebellz



Star Wars

Mr. Rogers


That’s more like the outrage I had in mind. Nice to have at least someone you can rely on :slight_smile:

I will note though that in the previous post I came to the same conclusion myself :wink:

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What would be helpful is if you created a gallery containing all the images, with the ability to sort or search by several criteria, such as tags or categories:

  • does the meme contain an actual picture of go, or just a general meme image?
  • is the meme about go itself, or about meta things such as following a go lesson, or such as the particulars of online play?
  • what part of go is the meme about? ko, endgame, joseki, opponent’s behaviour, feelings after a victory or defeat, etc
  • how many likes did the meme receive
  • who is the author of the meme

I think you meant to post that here :wink:

That huge meme thread is part of the charm of OGS.
Same as our puzzles, or even the forum. Let’s not forget endless tournaments and overcrowded rengos.

So basically reorganizing is something quite unappropriate and beyond that, quite complex to reach.