Remove the "current thing-flag" please

What does the game of go have to do with the only war on this planet you get social credit points for pretending your care about it?

Absolutely nothing!

So please remove this abomination.

Thank you in the name of all the people who still can formulate their own thoughts.


We have many users from Ukraine who are suffering from this horrible war. The logo stays until russian troops withdraw from Ukraine and our users are able go back to their homes.


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I agree with OP. This is a Go site, not a news service or party campaign platform.

Keep OGS apolitical.


Spoken like a simpleton who clearly doesn’t respect other people’s thoughts, and thinks theirs is the only one worth anything.

“HALP, I’M BEING OPPRESSED”, they screamed freely into people’s faces, complaining about other people disagreeing with their disagreement…


You are clearly not thanking in my name. I would tell you why, but you defined me as someone why can’t formulate their own thoughts, so what would be the point?


The logo features the colors of the Ukrainian flag because the site ownership and administration team wish to express our support of Ukraine in the ongoing war.

The team is choosing to exercise its freedom of expression. I think it is unreasonable to say that OGS must forgo such freedoms.


How is the logo of a site where you play Go affecting your thoughts in any way?

OGS and its ownership and team have their own opinion and they want to take a position on an issue. That does not affect you, me or any other player in the server in any way.

Even if they had run a fundraiser for it, that still wouldn’t affect you since you could just say “sorry, not interested”, so what’s the problem, really?


Politics is about debate and policies. I feel that the war in Ukraine cannot be described as “politics”. It is an invasion that causes great destruction and human suffering.


I disagree. Decisions by state leaders that influence millions of people clearly are political in my view. That this influence comes in the form of death, destruction and suffering doesn’t change that.

Some things have a magnitude that makes it impossible to stay apolitical about it. If someone states “I don’t have a position about the Germans having killed a couple of million jews”, that IS a political statement.


“Politics” is usually about the tussle of personalities (and ideally policies) involved in selecting leaders, and influencing their decisions.

To the extent that some leaders support a war and others are against it, or are failing to take a stance, then this is “political”. You have to chose which leader’s approach you support.

Who cares whether this issue is or is not political.

As yebellz said:

That’s the start and end of it really. They have the right to do this with their platform.

Of course, it might be helpful for them to know if some people don’t like their decision to use the platform in this way, but the weight of numbers in the “thanks for helping the Ukraine OGS members thread” indicates that rather more people do like their decision.


The two positions (using or not the OGS platform to express support for Ukraine) sound viable. However

What is an abomination?

  1. The war, with thousands of deaths and millions of refugees?
  2. Or blue and yellow colors on a logo?
  3. If 1. is an abomination, then is it an abomination to express support for victims of 1. ?

So rude

So rude

So rude

Why being that rude?
If you have your own ideas, why don’t you express them instead of shouting at other’s?

What I can understand from your post is “I don’t want that anybody talks about that war. Social credit is managed badly. This prevents me from being free to have my own opinions since I can’t share them without losing social credit”.

So your opinions aren’t popular, are they?
I bet you’re quite proud of that.
But you’re the minority and that hits a nerve on you. So you want to compensate that by hitting nerves on others.
That’s the way to start a fight, isn’t it?

Now you got your backfire. Are you happy?


Can we get an FAQ for this?

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What about all the other wars in countries you have users from? What about the concentration camps in China? Why are you so arbitrary in your choices? It leads me to believe you don’t actually formulate your own thoughts, and just support the current thing you’re told to care about, of which 90% of what you receive is propaganda.

You do not see you’re entering a vicious cycle, because let me tell you, in a couple of weeks or months, when no one knows what ukraine is anymore, you’ll have the next current thing with a flag to support to prove to everyone how woke you are.


Maybe in one detail you have a point. I sense there indeed is someone who tries to tell me what to (not) care about.


The abomination is to introduce things where they don’t belong.

Seriously? An “abomination”?

This has been explained in other places, but OGS barely has users from other countries currently being under invasion, while we have many users from Ukraine.

What about them? Why do you assume that our support for cause A would imply the lack of support for cause B? It’s like I say I love peanuts, and you start telling me I’m arbitrary in my choices because I didn’t declare my love for strawberries as well…

See it from this side: this would be the exact reply people could offer you for your stance. How are you so sure you can formulate your own thought, why do you care about this logo, and how much of what your read is propaganda?


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men people to do nothing,”

Says it all really.