Remove the OGS Ukraine logo

Raising the question of whether the OGS logo should be the Ukraine flag causes the forum thread to be blocked by admin. That is the whole post.


Here is the solution : How to remove the OGS logo from your Chrome browser


Updated instructions - Updated script to remove the OGS icon from the navigation bar – thee brane ov….

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That is not the solution. Censoring debate only reflects the weakness of the original cause.


This debate isn’t censored. Just no one is joining because it’s boring and they don’t want to talk to you as we’ve had it loads of times already.


“Debate isn’t censored”… except the last message was “Your post has been removed”.


You received that message because our community has guidelines to maintain a productive and respectful forum. Your revised post aligns with those guidelines, though this issue has been extensively discussed here before.


Please, do a bit of search before posting.
You’ll find what is the position of anoek, the owner of this website, on this point already explained in length.
You’ll find that censorship is far from what happened, although some people don’t have same opinion.

Sorry, that’s not the case. Use the like button instead of reopening a similar thread.


lol, case closed. Why don’t you do a bit of searching? Like dissidents in Ukraine are being killed, at what point does your decision need to be revised? How about taking down a flag that doesn’t represent anyone but a slim minority? The same parties are committing a massacre in Gaza, there won’t be a debate over replacing it with the Palestinian flag?
Also hilarious: ‘Yes we took down your post, but that doesn’t make it censorship’


In Brave browser:

  1. right-click anywhere on website
  2. choose Brave - block element
  3. select the logo and confirm the selection in the corner

This was discussed already 1.5y ago. It’s a fun read if you are interested.
In summary, just block it and be happy it’s nowhere else and doesn’t break the site.

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I can do the same with Adblock Plus in Firefox.

P.S. I currently have no wish to express an opinion here on the desirability of suppressing the logo.