Rengo Casual Mode feedback

Maybe “use simple time” could be “uses simple time”, as otherwise it implies simple time is all casual mode is?

@stone_defender may not have realised, until my comment, that you can see whether a game is casual or not in the challenge pane.

FWIW anoek’s input was "if you have casual mode, why do we need the ‘serious mode’, surely the vast majority will be adhoc therefore casual ? " :wink:

(The answer is “because some rengo players want to play with a team-clock”)


That comment is trying to tell you that I haven’t been able to force you to keep Simple Mode in the pane below. It’s begging you to leave it as Simple time (it does switch it to Simple time when you click it Casual mode, but it will let you change it).

If you change it after that, you will get an error dialog when you press “Create”.

Technically, the pane below the comment is a completely separate “Time Picker” … it’s “on the list” to be able to tell the Time Picker “Hey, don’t let them change this”, but nothing is ever easy :smiley:


Ah. I interpreted it as “here is an explanation of what this checkbox does”. Maybe “Please only use simple time in conjunction with this mode”?

That’s getting pretty wordy, though.


Perhaps something like

Please keep “Simple” time control


Yeah, the mobile phone people would kill me if I wrote a sentence that long though :smiley: :smiley:


Should all rengo with more than 4 players be Casual Mode … not by even just default, but forced?

What is the point of a larger game that can be ended by anyone?


It’s certainly a good point.

The one thing that came up while discussing it in a recent game, is that sharing time can be advantageous a particular case.

It might’ve been something like you could have a strong player(s) playing quickly and a weaker player(s) playing slowly with say Fischer time, with the stronger players banking time for the weaker players to use.

But you can equally well just get rid of strong and weak and just say “fast” and “slow” players, fast players banking time for the slower ones to use.

Whereas a simple time setting treats everyone the same, a positive in some cases, but maybe not all players play comfortably, as well, as happily etc at the same speeds.

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But there probably is a threshold where one person having the ability to end the game doesn’t make sense.


I would have thought that more than 6 would be a reasonable threshold. I can imagine a fairly serious 3v3 where you’d want normal Rengo rules. More than that is anyway getting into “mucking about” territory I think.


I don’t create rengo challenges myself lately because then I will need to wait 3 people
While when I accept rengo of someone else, only 2 more people are needed

If most people are on the side of serious:
and casual is default, then there still will be enough serious challenges
but if serious will be default, then I will see casual challenge too rarely

This is probably why there are no live challenges, if everyone thinks this way :woman_facepalming:

Note: I suspect a more compelling reason why there are few live challenges is because likely folk want ad-hoc matches, which need casual mode. If this is true, it would support @stone_defender’s suggestion that this be the default.

Because challenge parameters are sticky, I don’t think that the default will be a big deal either way in this case.


I usually create a rengo challenge when I want a game, and it usually fills up in a reasonable amount of time.


If I understand it correctly. Casual mode removes timeout players from the player list, is that correct? So if enough people time out, it will eventually look like the whole game was played by just 2 people with no record of the other players, is that correct? Or do they stay in the game information and only get removed from the active player rotation?

If it is the latter that is probably fine but if is the former I can imagine people would be iffy about playing a whole game of rengo and if they should happen to accidentally time out it looks like they never participated? That would feel overly harsh to me, but I’m not sure which way you implemented it.


Try it and see :wink:


Does anyone want to try a casual live rengo game on the beta server today?
I thought 2022-01-27T20:00:00Z but other times are also ok to me.
I propose 45s/move, but less or more is fine too.


Count me in.


what about blitz?
casual mode able to handle it unlike normal mode
and no one will need to timeout on purpose to test timeout


I’d play blitz, but my preference would be Sofiam’s original suggestion of 45s/move.


You know I love blitzes :slight_smile:
I was thinking of 45 seconds to make sure to avoid timeouts, but actually we might want it to happen to see if it works well.

Let’s vote it, please vote only if you can participate.

What time setting/s do you prefer?
  • 5s/move
  • 9s/move
  • 20s/move
  • 30s/move
  • 45s/move
  • 1m/move

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I didn’t put more than a minute because I think the game might become too long.